Jeremy Schoemaker – Local Search Interview

Today we’re talking with Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoneyâ„¢, about local search.

Let’s dive right in taking off your Internet marketing hat for a moment what kind of local searches do you find yourself doing frequently.

When I am not at home 99% of the time its for a local business or phone number. No matter what city I am in I am always looking for the Hooters local best place for wings. Or I inevitably forgot a charger for my phone or whatever and need to hit a wall-greens or something.

When I am at home usually I am just search for address or phone numbers locally. OHHH almost forgot I always am check on movies and buying movie tickets online so I don’t have to wait in line. Keep in mind though I live in Lincoln, Nebraska and I doubt we have many local site/services that a bigger city would have.

Let’s talk about websites, we know you aren’t overly focused on textbook onpage SEO, instead you prefer to focus on building great sites with lots of usable content, are there any local related websites that you find particularly useful or good examples of people adding value to the web?

Locally here in Lincoln Nebraska we have a site where you can place a order online and they will goto the place pick it up and bring it to your house for a 10$ fee. They have over 100 local restaurants to choose from. Also there are a few great resources that rate local dining and clubs.

Turning to advertising and affiliate marketing what do you think are the best and most effective ways to monetize locally focused websites? I know you come up with some crazy/cool marketing ideas from time to time, what’s a really useful easy idea that anybody could try for their hometown and be successful with?

From the affiliate perspective its very easy to make contacts with local car dealerships, dentists, and other people and offer to drive them leads to there websites. There is a lot of money in local targeting. My neighbor is a dentist and he pays me 100$ per lead for teeth whitening. I drive him several leads per day (less then 10 usually though) and its simple… I just make a adwords campaign target my area and done. Easy money.

From a cool local service oriented website perspective: Make a local site about a industry. Nightclubs/Bands/Auto Dealerships/News and then drive local traffic to those sites. Then as you build content and more people start using the site you will get some interest from local media and businesses about advertising.

Lets take for instance you start a restraunt review website for your local town. You basically do not have to change anything… you still go out to eat but you make notes while your eating. Look at other citys restaurant guides and see what they grade on then add more to it. Soon you will have built a whole directory of places to eat with ratings for your area and then your phone will be ringing off the hook from restaurants that are not in your directory but want you to come review them and food is on the house. Course by now the other local businesses like the traffic they get from your place and now they will place ads on your site too. Just a small example.

I was recently listening to podcast you were on with Danny Sullivan and you mentioned you use you Treo for searching. Do you do any local searches on it, and do you feel they will have an impact on the marketplace?

This probably sounds scary but I think I search more on my treo phone then I do my computer. I use google local SO MUCH its crazy. considering mobile phones are becoming more like computers every day and most have broad band capabilities I cant help but think within the next few years it will be like we have portable laptops in our phones (we do in most cases). I am aquiring as much mobile real-estate as I can right now and I recommend people do the same.

Thanks for talking with me today Jeremy, if you’d like to read more from Jeremy be sure to drop by his blog at, or listen to his radio show on called NetIncome. You can also meet Jeremy in any his upcoming Elite Retreat seminars across the country designed to help people with their website projects.


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