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As you know I’m a big fan of the WordPress platform. Although it’s not the most optimal platform, there’s no question that it makes it easier to run a website. I was recently asked by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger to review Scribe SEO a new service/plugin for WordPress, one that was designed to help you do a better job of optimizing your posts.

Scribe SEO is plugin that works with WordPress to analyze your posts, give you information about them, and make suggestions about improving your post from an SEO Perspective. If you’re using Thesis, the plugin interfaces without a hitch. While I haven’t tried it, I understand it also works with the Hybrid and Headway themes as well. If you aren’t using either of those themes, that’s fine. You’ll just need the All in One SEO plugin. So here’s what Scribe SEO does …

Your post is ready to be analyzed by ScribeSEO

Once you’ve finished writing your post, the plugin checks to make sure you’ve written an optimized version of your title in the custom title field. Want the title to be the same? That’s OK, but you’ll have to copy/paste it down below. It then checks to see if you’ve written a meta description. Yes, I know the meta description is not a part of the ranking algo, but your meta description is what appears under your page title in the SERP’s and writing a click-enticing meta description is good thing. If you don’t think Google is using click tracking data, you might want to reconsider. Last, it checks to see if you’ve got content for the post. Once everything is set you’ll see three green arrows like in the screen shot to the right and the analyze button will “turn on.” Hit the button and the process will start. For this write-up, I’ll show data from an old post.

Before we dive in, let’s do a common sense review. Just because a computer program tells you to do something doesn’t mean you should turn off your brain and blindly do it; use some common sense. Sometimes you’ll do something “wrong” on purpose. If you are breaking the rules intentionally and are fully aware of what you are doing and why, feel free to ignore the suggestions. Remember that just because Google and your GPS tell you to go a certain way doesn’t always mean it’s the right way to go. Always use your noodle.

Ok, so here’s a sample of the information you’ll get back from Scribe SEO:

The tool gives you an overall score, a breakdown on keywords, suggestions for tuning your focus into/out of keywords, and a SERP preview. The last tab gives you some general overall SEO guidelines to keep in mind. Are there other tools out there that can give you this information? Absolutely. But can they give it to you right in your dashboard, before you publish, and  without a lot of copying and pasting? Nope.

Here’s where you need to use your brain a little. You don’t need to strive to get a 100% on every post. Technically your posts might be better but honestly I don’t think they’d be as valuable or have as much personality. Having an article that is 100% optimized but is boring is never as good as a slightly less optimized article that’s interesting to read. However (he says, looking squarely in the direction of you bloggers out there) ignoring keyword focus in favor lyrical prose isn’t the answer either. What you need to do is strike a balance, and that’s where Scribe SEO comes in. Write an interesting post/article THEN use Scribe SEO to make sure your article is targeting the right words and sending the right signals to the search engines. This is especially helpful if you are outsourcing your content creation to someone who isn’t an SEO.

Scribe SEO is a paid service. You’re allowed to set it up on as many websites you want. Then, depending on the level you choose, you get a certain number of evaluation runs. For $27 a month you’ll get 30 evaluations, for $47 a month you’ll get 120 evaluations, and for $97 you’ll get 300 evaluations. However as part of the introductory offer you can get the full 300 evaluations for only $27 a month (but the offer ends Feb 19th Feb 26th so you better hurry).

Is it worth the price? If you’re using CPM based advertising and you can generate higher rankings and more traffic then the answer is yes. Running Adsense or an affiliate website/blog? Again if this tool can help you write posts that rank better, drive more traffic, and get you more clicks or conversions, then the answer is again yes it’s absolutely worth it.

Bonus Tip: Do you have old posts that you expected a little more out of? Use this tool to go back, re-evaluate, and tweak things a bit to improve them.

Is this tool for everyone? No. However, if you are looking for a native tool to help finely tune your posts, then yes, this tool can help you. If you feel that your writing is stronger then your SEO knowledge, then yes, this tool will definitely help you. If you use writers with varying degrees of SEO expertise, this tool will absolutely help you bring everything up to par.

If you fit into any of the above scenarios, give Scribe SEO a try and publish posts that are better optimized. Don’t forget: it’s only $27 for the highest level until February 19th February 26th.

UPDATE: to answer the question, if you join at the $27 price now you’re locked in, and it won’t go up as long as you stay subscribed.

Disclosure: I was given beta access to this tool and the above post does contain affiliate links. However I’m comfortable recommending this tool since I have tested it on several commercial websites I run and have been satisfied with the results. runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

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