SEO for Product Reviews, Part II

In SEO for Product Reviews, Part I we talked about how ignoring or not addressing “keyword review” or “keyword reviews” leaves your company or product in a vulnerable position. However since I’m trying to be more positive in this post I’d like to talk about some SEO strategies for reviews.

If your company or product has affiliates hopefully they have figured out they should be using reviews, if they haven’t perhaps you should suggest it in an ever so subtle (or not so subtle) way. Let’s be honest affiliates will say good things about almost anything if they make a buck from it. There is some danger here though, drop your affiliates, change your policy, or piss them off they will point the links at your competitors and stop saying nice things about your product, so be careful.

Bloggers and Websites
If you want to get reviews of your product or service out there give some away FOR FREE. If blogger was to buy your product and it wasn’t up to snuff they would tell everyone about it. If you were to give it to them for free and it wasn’t up to snuff, chances are they will be a little less harsh, it’s just human nature. Not everyone so concerned about their online reputation that they have an Advertising Policy.

Shadow Domains
Creating shadow domains just to post reviews for your product or service, while slightly lame and unethical, is still a somewhat effective tactic. To be believable the site will have to look like it exists independent of your review. Don’t use a pattern or footprint, mix it up some websites, some blogs, some free blogs, vary the age, anchor text, surrounding text, link network, neighborhood, etc. In short try to look as natural and blend in as much as possible, ya stinkin’ spammer.

On Site Reviews
Hopefully you are going to be the most authoritative website about your product, but if the site is new, you have some high power affiliates, or blogs talking about your product they may out rank you. So put some reviews on your websites, make sure the page is linked to from all of your pages, and is spider friendly. For affiliates, create one page about the product and another for the review, interlink the two in an user-centric way (in the main body not the side rail for those in the back of the class).

If you have some friends, acquaintances, or colleagues that own or frequent related forums, ask them to post about it. Creating shill or sock puppet accounts is frowned upon, and unless you are really good you will probably get busted.

User Generated Reviews
getting user generated reviews on your website is probably one of the best things you can do (case and point First off the language is going to be more unique and varied in grammar, vocabulary, and tone. Lets be honest if there are 10 reviews and all of them are positive it looks … funny. If 7 or 8 out of 10 are good, it looks more believable. Make it easy for user to submit reviews, and incentivize the behavior. Try giving away monthly prizes for everyone who submits a review. Just be sure to screen the reviews before posting them.

While not definitive list of every way to integrate reviews, hopefully this has given you some ideas to think about, how to use reviews to your advantage. runs on the Genesis Framework

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