Diversity Bloggers and Journalists

This roster is of STEM student/professional science communicators (#SciComm) and bloggers (*) who are (1) members of underrepresented groups and/or (2) allies writing about underrepresented groups such as women, people of color, LGBTQ, disability, etc. We also include some non-STEM writers who have a rich perspective on academic life. This page is a work in progress and therefore not comprehensive. Starting in 2014 we are making a concerted effort to include diverse journalists/media professionals and people in the tech coding sector. We were inspired to create this page after attending the ScienceOnline 2011 conference that coincided with the 25th anniversary of MLK Day.

The sites below are in chronological order to showcase the early adopters. Authors are only identified by their pseudonyms, unless their names are published in their blog bio. We notice that some bloggers are switching to Twitter for their primary communication channel so we are updating this page with those usernames. Please submit comments about this page to . We would especially appreciate suggestions of missing blogs to include.

Below we highlight notable posts that we find interesting for their newsworthiness.

Terri Hansen, member of the Winnebago Tribe

A Blog About Making Culture by Anil Dash (1999 - present)

Science Careers: Educated Woman by Micella DeWhyse
(2002 - 2006: 55 posts as a PhD student; 2007 - 2008: 17 posts as a postdoc)

Ron Buckmire:

Temple University Disability Studies (2004 - present)

Son of Timatollah by Tim Wilson (2005 - present)

Clifford V. Johnson:

David Kroll (aka Abel Pharmboy):

Alberto I. Roca (2005 - present)

Danielle Lee:

ChemistryBlog by Mitch André Garcia (2006 - present):


A Blog Around The Clock by Bora Zivkovic (2006 - present):

Thus Spake Zuska by Suzanne Franks (2006 - present):

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein:

Not Exactly Rocket Science by Ed Yong:

Rick MacPherson:

Jeremy Yoder:

Indigenous Science by Salish Silver,
member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (2007 - present)

What’s new by Terence Tao (2007 - present)

Reconciliation Ecology by Madhusudan Katti

Kevin Zelnio of Deep-Sea News (2007 - present):
Minorities in Marine Biology: The Dearth of Black Professors

Racism Review by Joe R. Feagin and Jessie Daniels (2007 - present):

ScienceToLife (2007 - 2008)

Isis the Scientist: On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess

Working-Class Perspectives (2008 - present)

Road Hog’s Ruminations by Dawn Allenbach (2008 - present)

But You’re A Girl by Adria Richards (2008 - 2013)


Minus Two Fish by Cesar A. Rodriguez-Rosario (2008 - present)

49 percent by Samia (2008 - present)

The Urban Birder by David Lindo (2008 - present)

DrugMonkey (2008 - present):

Minority Scientist (2008 - present)

Thesis - with Children (2008 - 2009)

Grant Jacobs: Code for Life (2009 - present)

Sasha’s Dreams by Sasha Feather (2009 - present)

Science with Moxie by Princess Ojiaku (2009 - present)

boingboing: Maggie Koerth-Baker (2009 - present)

Anthropology in Practice by Krystal D’Costa (2009 - present)

Bio-MINDS students blog project of the University of Puerto Rico (2009 - present)

Deep Sea News: Miriam Goldstein (2009 - 2013)

ChemistryBlog: Out and about by Boyie (2009)

Hector Hernandez:

LGBT Latest Science by Geekgirl ally (2009 - 2011)

Cynthia-Lou Coleman, member of the Osage Tribe (2010 - present)

Adrienne K., member of the Cherokee Tribe (2010 - present)

Gerty-Z (2010 - present)


Take it to the Bridge by Namnezia (2010 - present)

Steve Silberman:

Kathryn Clancy: Context and Variation

Sandra Chung:

LatinaScientist (2010 - 2012)

Psychology Today: Are We Born Racist? by Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton (2010 - 2012)

Kitsap Sun: Humanity is like a Patchwork Quilt by Marcie (2010 - present)

Lorelle L. Espinosa:

InsideHigherEd: Kerry Ann Rockquemore (2010 - present):

Cara Santa Maria

HeyDrWilson by Caleph Wilson (2011 - present)

by the Center for Minorities and People with Disabilities in Information Technology (2011 - present)

Cassandra Brooks, member of the Missisquoi Abenaki Tribe (2011 - present)

Eagles RISE students blog of North Carolina Central University (2011)

SoScience by Marcelo Vinces (2011 - present)

PhD for Life… by Andrea Stith (2011 - present)

Larval Metamorphosis by Elisa Maldonado (2011 - present)

UW SACNAS by University of Washington SACNAS chapter (2011 - present)

SURF Student Blog
by the Institute for Accessible Science at Purdue University (2012 - present)

Jorge Cham

Tressie (McMillan) Cottom:

Viet Le:

Teresa Lamsam, member of the Osage Tribe

Jacqueline Howard

Cindy Pallares

#BLACKandSTEM (2014 - present)

Scientific American: Voices: Exploring and celebrating diversity in science (2014 - present)

Julie Torres

Stephanie Morillo

Diversity Journal Club (2015 - present)

Newly found blogs to be added above:
http://www.insidehighered.com/users/conditionally-accepted http://beatrizbiominds.wordpress.com/

Women-focused Blog Collections and Discussions [top]

This list is not comprehensive so we only highlight certain posts/collections.

Wilma: Women Science Bloggers Database by Elaine Westwick with
currently 233 women bloggers

Double X Science (archive)

Making women visible online

Women Scienceblogs

Martin Robbins: Women in Science Blogging

Kathryn Clancy: The women scienceblogging revolution

Ed Yong: Celebrating female science bloggers

through the looking glass by Alice Bell: Category “gender”

Jonathan Eisen:

Scientiae Carnival compiles posts written about women in STEM

Emily Graslie: thebrainscoop: Where My Ladies At? (video below)

Diversity in Science Blog Carnival [top]

A carnival is one blog post organized by a rotating editor who collects writings, links, photos, etc. submitted on a central theme. Danielle Lee initiated the Diversity in Science (DiS) carnival in 2009. Read this article about the revived carnival series in 2011. Peruse the past carnival editions below.

#18 October 15, 2013: Latino / Hispanic Health: Science and Advocacy (archive)

#17 July 5, 2012: LGBT Pride Edition

#16 May 31, 2012: Asian-Pacific Heritage Month and follow-up


#14 Mar 29, 2012: Women’s History Month—Exploring the role of women in the STEM enterprise

#13 Mar 1, 2012: Black History Month—Celebrating Our Future

#12 Jan 30, 2012: Broadening Participation in Science Online and on the Ground, a #scio12 #diversity Summary

#11 Nov 28, 2011: Diversity in Science Carnival - Native American Heritage Month

#10 Jun 30, 2011: Diversity in Science Carnival: Pride Month 2011

#9 Apr 29, 2010: All Shades of Green is Up

#8 Mar 28, 2010: In Honor of Women’s History Month

#7 Feb 27, 2010: Black History Month - Broadening STEM Participation at Every Level

#6 Jan 27, 2010: Perspectives on STEM Diversity and Outreach from ScienceOnline 2010

#5 Dec 28, 2009: Programs to Promote STEM Diversity Among K-12 Students (archive)

#4 Nov 20, 2009: Increasing Diversity Among the College Ranks

#3 Oct 16, 2009: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and follow-up

#2 Mar 26, 2009: Women Achievers in STEM - Past and Present

#1 Feb 24, 2009: Black History Month Celebration

Diversity in Science Blog Carnival logo by Daniel DeWitt Brown

Following technically not part of the DiS series; but, the content is similar to this blog carnival’s theme.

Suggested topics for a particular ethnic/gender/etc community:

Science, Blogging, & Diversity at Conferences [top]

Here we highlight conference activities at the interface of science/STEM, blogging, & diversity.

Blogging While Brown 2011 (#BWB)

Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) 2012

Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

ScienceOnline (archive)

Science Blogging Talkfest 2011: Diversity in Science Online

SpotOn NYC 2011: Reaching the niches: connecting underrepresented groups with science

* We use a loose definition of “bloggers” to mean an individual who writes regularly online using either a “traditional” publisher or on their own using a modern blogging service. If an institutional blog has only one posting on diversity, then we will place that link on our Readings page.

Image Credits:
ScienceOnline, 2012
Black History Month, 1-10-2010
DoubleX Science, 2012
AnonymousBlogger (funny glasses), 2009
Asian-Pacific American Heritage, 2010
LGBT rainbow flag, 2005
Disability Symbols, 2011
Collage of Latino Country Flags, 2012
Diversity in Science Blog Carnival logo, 2009

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