Google’s Two Tiered Internet World Sinks to a New Low

Today Google released an new feature that gives away traffic stats and keywords for most websites on the internet. However what everyone failed to notice is that Google laid everyone else bare, naked and exposed but kept their own stats locked up and private.

Here you can see the stats and keywords for my website, while they aren’t 100% accurate [SEO Blog] is one of my top terms. Here you can see [] and []. Google gave us all up without consent or prior permission.

Here are the stats for [] and []. But here’s where we reach a new, low look at stats for []

No Data … zero … zip … zilch … nada the big fat goose egg. So the one bit of data Google can give with 100% accuracy, and what did they do they hide it from you. They Give up Microsoft and Yahoo without batting an eye but, oh no they don’t have to play by the same rules, they’re special, they’re better, they’re exempt.

If this doesn’t convince you that Google doesn’t feel that you are entitled to the same rights they have I don’t know what will. If this doesn’t convince you that Google feels some sense of privilege that they have you don’t, I don’t know how to open your eyes and make it any clearer. Google sees you as a commodity, like a piece of office furniture, or a herd of cattle, you exist for the purpose of Google to use however they see fit. Google sees itself as the absolute ruler of the internet and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Google stop making programs like this opt-out instead of opt-in. If you don’t think enough people would do it, then take the hint it’s bad idea and kill it before it goes public. Stop treating everyone like they are children and feeling that you know better. Stop trying to create new world order to fulfill some delusional ideal of an information utopia you dream about.

At the very least give us some say about how much information you are willing to give up about us. How long before you decide to start publishing people’s names who conduct searches for homosexual topics, because you feel it’s in their best interests to be honest with their friends and families. How long before you start publishing the identities of people who search for mental disorders because you want to help them get cured. How long will it be before you publish the data of people who search for religious, political or other topics.

How long Google … how long before you sell our very souls to your damn algorithm … just because it’s part of your mission statement …

They are also not giving data for or but are giving up metacafe and … runs on the Genesis Framework

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