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The following is paid review of a new program designed to help you manage, track, and analyze CPC campaigns.

AdWatcher comes from the people who publish Search Marketing Standard. I was supplied a test account just to expedite the review so I wouldn’t have to wait several days to accumulate data. After logging in I was confronted with the reality that the program relied heavily on AJAX and Javascript, have I mentioned how much I hate AJAX and Javascript in the past 24 hours?!?! Ok back on track, The program has a lot of reports but I’m just going to look at the PPC in more detail.

One thing that was kind of confusing is words over the icons didn’t pop up in Firefox (they did in IE) so I had to guess my way through

For people who aren’t really sure what to track or how to set up tracking, the program creates the landing page URL’s for you. It also allows you to track conversions down to the keyword level. Sure Google lets you do the same thing, but not everyone is thrilled about giving all that info to Google. It also helps you do A/B testing and figure out which version is doing better. Another feature that probably going to interest a lot of people is click fraud tracking.

For people who don’t have the know how, expertise, or time to devote to this this is very helpful bit of data. As you can see from the screen shot it can be printed or exported to a CSV file for more in depth analysis or for inclusion in a email to your advertising sales representative. I don’t believe all they hype about click fraud in the 30-50% range, but I can tell you with first hand experience it does happen, and if you don’t watch, protect and fight for it you’re just throwing money away.

This program has a lot of other features I’m not covering like organic results and financial reports, however they do get covered in the training video (which could use an audio track, hint, hint). Who is this program best suited for? People who are very new or don’t have a lot of experience working with PPC will get the most out of this program. It may be a little intimidating with the amount of data but it can help shorten the learning curve and get you on track for profitability quicker. The program would also be a nice addition for mid level people who could use it to become more efficient. Adding more keywords and getting more profit out of them is always a good thing. Being able to understand what’s happening without having to develop or support systems yourself can be an attractive option for single person shops or small firms. Larger more experienced firms will probably have their own tools and not get much value from this system. The program would also be a nice asset for companies who sell their own products/services but aren’t in the SEM industry. If they want to manage their PPC in house and not rely on an outside vendor again it’s a nice tool to have.

The program comes with a free 30 day trial, after that it’s $30-$80 per month to run depending on the number of clicks you’re getting. If you opt for longer term deals you get a 15-25% savings. If this sounds like something you might be interested in taking a look at head on over to

The preceding post has been a paid review. If you are interested in having a product, software or website reviewed head over to I only review products which are search industry or computer related, and I do reject reviews for products I don’t feel would be interesting or of value to my readers. runs on the Genesis Framework

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