Analogies in Blog Titles are Like Dirty Underwear

As I cruise thru my SEO folder in my feedreader every day I’m filled with a sense of dismay and utter dissapointment with most of what I see. More often than not I see titles like:

How My Step Dad Taught Me The Ethics of Burnt Sienna Hat SEO

93 Ways Your Shopping Cart Software is Like Progresso Chunky Chicken Soup

How Personal Branding On Your Blog Is Like Paris Hilton’s Mink Coat

Ok so maybe I changed the titles a little to protect the uncreative, but I think you get my point. Using the same formulaic approach over and over, or doing the same thing everyone else is, is just like wearing the same underwear everyday, eventually you really start to stink.

Do you want to hang out with the guy who hasn’t changed his underwear in a week? Do you want to read the same kind of blog posts someone has been writting all week, all month or all year? Use anologies when they make sense, use them when they help you tell a story, use them when they help you make a point, but my god man for the love all all that is good an holy in the universe don’t use them everyday, it just makes you boring. Of course someone will chime in “I don’t blog for you I blog to show clients we understand the blogging medium” well good for you sparky I hope your clients don’t want more than one style of writing from you because if they do you’re in trouble.

Why is it important you get this? Because no matter what vertical you are in, blogging is a from of entertainment. Sure sometimes it’s also news and information but the more entertaining and interesting you make it the more people are going to want to read it. The more you differentiate yourself and make your posts filled with a uniqueness and style that only you can deliver the more people will subscribe and keep coming back.

So please change your underwear and stop with the analogies.

PS: yes this post title itself is an analogy, but in this case it’s really irony and satire cause that’s just how I roll… runs on the Genesis Framework

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