What Are You Learning From Leading Edge SEO Bloggers

Here’s a question what are you learning from leading SEO and internet marketing bloggers? Are you hoping one of them drops a thinly veiled, or rather obvious tip that will let you set a “virtual cash machine” on your front lawn? If you are you just might be ignoring the real pearls of wisdom that are right there in the open.

Right now the “SEO space” is at the leading, some might say “bleeding edge” of blog promotion tactics. Depending on your industry the SEO space could be anywhere from 6 to 24 months ahead of where they are. So what may be old hat in SEO space may be new or even revolutionary in your space, giving you the opportunity to put your or your clients site in the drivers seat. However since I get reprimanded for being cryptic sometimes, here are a few concrete examples.

Create a GlossaryEvery space has jargon or keywords that can be confusing. Creating a glossary is a great way to create a useful resource, that is very linkable, and help define you as industry leader. it can also help you get “define:” traffic from Google. Want an example check out Aarons SEO Glossary.

Use Video and Podcasts
Most people get scared off by podcasting and video because of the cost. While I won’t deny high production values can make you look more professional, it’s possible to get away with lower production values as long as you are honest about who you are, and don’t pretend to be CNN when you don’t have the budget. Additionally there’s very little competition and you can get a first movers advantage. Want examples the folks at SEOMoz are putting out some good quality SEO Videos with very low production costs, and Nick has some great podcasts on Clickinfluence without breaking the bank on an in home recording studio.

Do InterviewsEvery industry has leaders who are established experts with a experience or specialized expertise. There is also a firm line of upcoming players chomping at the bit looking for every opportunity to promote theme selves up to the next level. Try to get an interviews with both the experts and the up and comers. Want an example check out my Local Search Tips, Tricks & Secrets interviews with over 30 different experts.

Provide Conference Coverage
Live blogging from a conference is hard work, don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. You may not be able to get noticed live blogging an SEO conference anymore, but for almost every “non geek” conference it’s still virgin territory. Can’t do it by yourself, get team of people to help, as you shamelessly self promote each other. Want an example check out the SEO Roundtable SES NY coverage.

Cover News and Emerging TrendsMost industries, especially those who sell consumer goods have short seasonal trends. if you don’t have connections to know about them before hand try and be in the next wave of people covering the subject. Want examples look at Hitwise, Trendspotting, Google OneBoxer, or Steve Rubel’s coverage of Twitter.

What do these four tactics have in common, they all create great resources and highly link-able content. Sure they are work, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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