Elliot Spitzer and Scandal Bait

I’ve mentioned using current events such as Britney Spears performance, and ghost riding the whip as ideas or jumping point for link bait. The recent scandal involving Elloit Spitzer and his involvement with a prostitution ring provide another opportunity, especially for sectors that are usually difficult to build links for.

Run a dating or relationship website, how about a list of the Top Political Careers that Were Ruined by Sex Scandals? On a slightly more controversial angle what about websites for adults who want to have affairs like ashley madison? How about a list of tips of How Not to Get Caught When Having an Affair. Chances are you’ll get quite a bit of hate links as well. Don’t get involved in the politics and ethics just play the gig. (I learned about them in Laptop Magazine so cool your jets on that one)

For a divorce attorney, How to Legally Protect Yourself When you are Caught Having an Affair. Therapist, counselor or life coach, then why not try something like How to Put Your Relationship Back on Track after Infidelity.

You need to have someone on staff who is monitoring the news, can think creatively, and turn on a dime. You can always find a consultant to put on retainer, but you’ll have to be comfortable letting them have free reign to move without much approval for it to really work. Additionally you should also understand that getting people to drop what they are doing and move you to the front of the list, usually comes at a premium price. You know the old saying you can have things good, fast or cheap pick any two.

Don’t be afraid to think domains too someone grabbed client9.com within minutes of the scandal breaking (client 9 was Spitzer’s client number in the escort service). Scandals and news can provide a great opportunity to drive traffic and build readers if you’re hungry enough to go after it.

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