The Power of Internal Links

I often talk about the power of internal links and how they can be very effective at helping you use your link equity wisely and rank for competitive terms.

Before we proceed any further, I think it’s important to clarify what type of internal links I’m talking about. When I mention internal links I mean links that are in the main content section of the page not the sidebar. IMHO Google weights different parts of the page differently, and links in the content have much more value than those in the sidebar or other parts of the template (see How to Silo Your Website: The Content and How To Silo Your Website:The Sidebar). Now that I know we are talking about the same thing, let’s dig in for a closer look.

In a recent sensational article from Techcrunch In The Era Of The Connected Camera, The Point & Shoot Commits Seppuku, you’ll see the crunchbox located at the end of the article:

Screen Shot of Crunchbox from Techcrunch

For two of the three company names the Crunchbase profile ranks in the top ten results [iphone 4] and [eye-fi]. These are not obscure, 5 word long tail phrases; they are both competitive commercial terms. If I were running Techcrunch … a moment while I compose myself … I would write a WordPress plugin that gave everyone else the ability to easily insert these crunchbase boxes at the end of their posts on their blogs. If you were really hardcore, you could do it widget style with updated info, stock prices, news etc.

Need another example? Look at keywords for political figures like [Rush Limbaugh], [Sarah Palin], or [Glenn Beck] and notice how the is ranking for those terms. Now look at pages like this and look at all the internal anchor text they are using. It’s all about using that internal anchor text wisely.

So what are the takeaways from this post:

  • Identify your high level KWD’s or concepts, and create topic or tag landing pages for them
  • Set up internal anchor text links to those pages
  • Try to automate the linking with plugins like crosslinker or kb linker
  • Look for ways to extend your links offsite with code snippets or plugins

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