SEO Plugins for WordPress Part II

Ever since my initial SEO plugins for wordpress post almost two years ago, I get asked for an updated list a few times a month. Well since we’re up to wordpress 2.5 I thought the time has come. I’ll also put some of my other favorite plugins at the end, they either enhance wordpress features or just make things easier.


Meta Robots WordPress plugin – Adds meta tags automatically to posts

Aizatto’s Related Posts – Adds related post information to posts and feeds

Cross-Linker – Set up commonly used words to link to posts or redirects (also useful for affiliate links)

Sitemap Generator – Automatically builds and HTML style sitemap

Google (XML) Sitemaps – Automatically build and ping multiple sitemap services with an XML file

HeadSpace 2 – A monster plugin that lets you rewrite titles, meta data, and host of other features watch the video on the page for the full list of features

SEO Title Tag – Don’t need all the power of Headspace try SEO title tag

SEO Slugs – keeps slugs from becoming too long


Secure Form Mailer – makes building and integrating multiple and custom forms easy

FeedBurner FeedSmith – Makes integrating with feedburner easy

Feed Footer – Adds advertising, copyright or other custom messages into feeds

Flickr Photo Album – Integrate your flickr photo’s, albums, sets, and groups into your website

flickrRSS for WordPress – add photos from any flickr RSS feed into your website

Future Posts Calendar Plugin – A calendar that shows which days you have posts scheduled to publish, very helpful for multiple authors and scheduled posts.

Full Text Feed – Lets you use the “more” tag and still publish full feeds

GoCodes Redirection Plugin – Add tiny URL style functionality into your blog

Got Banners – Makes adding advertising banners quick and easy without having to monkey with the template

Highlight Author Comments – Makes giving authors comments a different style much easier

Objection Redirection! – Makes setting 301’s (especially lots of them) easy as pie

WordPress Organizer – Makes adding and managing uploads and images easier

Who Sees Ads – Makes ads or other elements conditionally displayed

Absolute Comments – Makes replying to comments and managing them much easier

Photo Dropper – Makes adding Creative Commons licensed photos from flickr quick and easy

Search Pages – Lets the search box search both posts and pages

Permalink Redirect – Keep urls with parameters from being indexed

WordPress Mobile Edition – Display a simple stripped down version of your site to mobile users

WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin – Save yourself thousands of hours of time upgrading wordpress

WordPress Database Backup – Automate backups of your blog


Increase Sociability WordPress Plugin – Display custom messages for people who came from social sites like Digg and stumbleupon

Share This – add buttons for social networks under the share this icon

Subscribe to Comments – let people subscribe and be notified when new and follow up comments are made

What Would Seth Godin Do – Display a message to a new visitor on your blog

Twitter Tools – Integrate twitter functionality into your blog


Close Old Posts – Closes old posts keeps them from becoming spam targets and maintenance issues

Search and Replace – Lets you easily search and replace information in your database

Simple Tags – Manage and get tag suggestions for all posts

Reports and Analytics

Blog Metrics – Gives you comments and stats on monthly and author levels

Google Analytics and Feedburner Reports – get feedburner and google analytics in your wordpress admin section

Search Meter – Find out what people are searching for on your site runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Genesis lets you to quickly and easily build amazing websites with WordPress. Whether you're a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.
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