Israel Cross-Cultural Training

Israel is not the US and the US is not Canada. Our perceptions of space, distance and time must change as we cross borders.

Israelis who are perceived as "arrogant" by Americans are actually being confident while Americans who are perceived as "phoney" are being polite.

Being aware of the unique cultural aspects of the nation you are visiting for pleasure or business, understanding how to manage the intercultural differences and knowing how to act in delicate situations can make or break your business venture.

Leyden Communications has over two decades of successful experience in closing cultural gaps. Our Israel Cross Cultural Training Workshops and Seminars provide effective tools for governmental, commercial and non-profit organizations. 

Professional training experience which becomes your insurance policy for success!

Leyden provides international marketing and cross-cultural consultancy to 
Israel's leading commercial and governmental organizations. 

Below - Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) has given Leyden a 98% grade 
for professional international marketing, business development and negotiation consultation.