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DOS/4GW 2.01
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Special Products for DOS/4GW Users

As the creator of the DOS/4GW v.1.97 DOS extender (bundled royalty-free with the WATCOM/Powersoft C/C++ and FORTRAN compilers), Tenberry Software offers the following special products, services, and upgrades just for WATCOM DOS/4GW users:

Update to DOS/4GW 2.01

Over the years many people have asked us why we didn't continue to improve on the DOS/4GW extender. Well, the answer is "We did!", but for a variety of reasons, it was never released. We are now happy to offer a new, improved version of DOS/4GW, release 2.01. To see the improvements and bug fixes, check out our release notes.

The price is just $49. Order DOS/4GW release 2.01 online now.

Manual for DOS/4GW

Over the years, people have also asked us why we didn't provide better/additional documentation for DOS/4GW. We are happy to offer a new manual for the DOS/4GW extender. It includes:

  • Detailed instructions on how to compile and link a DOS/4GW program.
  • Complete documentation of the DPMI calls supported by DOS/4GW.
  • How to configure DOS/4GW, both version 1.97 and version 2.0x.
  • A chapter on memory management, including how to access real mode data.
  • Several chapters on interrupt handling.
  • Complete error message documentation.
This manual is available from Tenberry Software for only $49. Order the DOS/4GW Manual online now.

Save! Get both the manual and the software for $89.

"Unofficial" Support for WATCOM DOS/4GW

We receive no income from the WATCOM DOS/4GW extender, and cannot "officially" support it. Still, we try hard to answer your questions when we can.

Although you can email us at <4gwhelp@tenberry.com>, please help us by posting your questions to Usenet when possible (alt.msdos.programmer, comp.os.msdos.programmer, rec.games.programmer, etc.) so the information can be shared with all. We are active on Usenet and will answer you promptly.

And do consider buying an upgrade to a fully-supported Tenberry product!

DOS/4GW Professional -- a Feature and Performance Upgrade

With DOS/4GW Professional, DOS/4GW's virtual memory space is expanded to 128MB and memory and disk space requirements are reduced. The extender binds to the application file, its startup time has been reduced, and demand loading is provided by the Virtual Memory Manager. For more detail, view our product comparison table.

Priced at only $299. Order DOS/4GW Professional online now.

DOS/4G for Watcom - DOS/4G At a Special Price for Watcom Users

DOS/4G, our top-of-the line 32-bit extender, provides a demand-paged 4GB address space. The C language API offers convenient control over interrupt handling and program loading. The configuration facility allows options to be hidden in source code or exposed in an .INI file. Multiple programs can be loaded on a single copy of DOS/4G. Support is provided for DLLs, INT 31h functions, and error message remapping.

For more information, visit the DOS/4G home page, the Watcom product comparison table, or <sales@tenberry.com>

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