The Website, Just So You Know

If you have landed here on the website, I take it you may be interested in my web host, Site Build It!That's good.

But.... I really don't want to be a salesman. That's bad.

(so I won't)

What I am going to do is to give you a few links to investigate at your leisure.

If this doesn't interest you at all, simply click the back button or Home and enjoy the rest of your visit. That's why I wrote this as a separate page, so you wouldn't have to look at it if you didn't want to.

Do you remember reading the About Me page? I told you that I spent about a month researching before I decided to take the plunge and build my website. You probably want a few answers too, don't you?

SiteSell is a massive website. And, you can find anything you need from right there, the same way I did. But, it does take some time and a little looking. So... I chose a few highlights and put them together for you here.

Whether you are a student, a work at home mom, or even thinking of retirement like I am, SBI! will work.

SBI! Case Studies

I was surprised to find out that you can actually make money on the web by just providing information. I thought you had to sell something. I learn new stuff like that about the internet all the time now.

You may also want to download The Netwriting Masters Course. It is a free ebook normally reserved for those that sign up for the Original-Q E-zine. I would, naturally, like for you to sign up for the newsletter, too... but you can still have the ebook anyway (since you are so interested). Because it does have information showing that you can write for the internet whether you think so, or not.

And if you don't have the time because you are trying to operate your own business... that's the best reason to look at SBI! for your business

During your browsing and investigation, be sure to check out SBI's superior results. And when you go to the SBI! order page, don't miss reading the no-time-limit guarantee.

Special SiteSell Promotion

I know, even the little bit of information I gave you with these links is a lot. But, take your time. There is no rush. It took me a month. It takes others several months. Just get another drink and read some more. And if you get tired of reading the website, here is a video tour if that's your preference.

You can always talk to a real person too, or send an email to have any questions answered , if you would rather do it that way.

And, as you know, social media in this country is taking over.  This creates an atmosphere of possible viral stories and topics.  To help see how this ties in with creating a website, here is a video discussing social media and SBI!.

This page of the website is a place that you can come for more information as you have time to read. You can come and go as you please, and as often as you like. I at least wanted to give you a way to get information about Solo Build It! if you were interested. I hope this has been helpful.


Special SiteSell Promotion

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