How cultural experiences can improve health and wellbeing


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Culture Shots 2016 is here!

Culture Shots is a week-long series of events based in hospital environments which are run by museums and galleries.

Culture Shots 2016 is running from Monday 18th July – Friday 22nd July. Click on the link below for the complete programme…

 CultureShots 2016 Programme

Culture Shots


Culture Shots is designed to give you the opportunity to see how culture can enhance the health and well-being of health and social care professionals as well as their patients and families.

Here is a taster of one of the programmes on offer…

Culture Shots Printing Competition

                     with Artist in residence Alan Birch

Alan has created a series of hand coloured prints depicting later-day saints, these first appeared at the John Rylands Library in Manchester in 2015.

Inspired by the medical saints found in the Welcome Collection, the 52 prints bring saints into the 21st century. Alan’s humorous saints reflect individuals’ obsession with contemporary technology, fashion and consumerism.

As part of our +Culture Shots 2016 programme Alan will be in residence in hospitals. Staff, patients and visitors to the hospital are invited to view the later-day saint prints and to meet Alan and chat about his work.

Saints by Alan Birch

If you want to see more of Alan’s work click here.

Create Your Own Saint

Packs of materials will also be available and you will be invited to create your own engraving of a saint. Alan will then make you two prints from your engraving. You can either use inspiration from personal or observed obsessions and behaviour or transform an image from an earlier time.

Drop by during any of our sessions:

  • Thursday 26 May 9am – 12pm @ Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (Atrium)
  • Tuesday 21 June 10am – 1pm @ Trafford General Hospital (Main Entrance)
  • Monday 18 July 9am – 3pm @ Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (Atrium)
  • Tuesday 19 July 9am – 3pm @ Manchester Royal Infirmary (Atrium)
  • Wednesday 20 July 9am – 3pm @ Trafford General Hospital
  • Thursday 21 July 9am – 5pm @ Trafford General Hospital
  • Friday 22 July 10am – 3pm @ Whitworth Art Gallery (Grand Hall)
  • Tuesday 2 August 1pm – 4pm @ Trafford General Hospital
  • Thursday 4 August 10am – 1pm @ Manchester Royal Infirmary (Atrium)