The ULTIMATE presidential election drinking game

If you’re feeling thirsty, CHUG.

When you feel like kicking it up a notch, do a SHOT.

Every time you take a drink, take a DRINK.

If you’re dead set on keeping pace, make a COCKTAIL.

When you sense your hand lifting a cup to your lips, SAVOUR the moment—and the beverage.

If you need refreshment, reach for a COLD ONE.

Whenever someone nearby pops a cork, hold out your glass, say “cheers,” then take a SIP or two of that sweet, sweet bubbly.

If you’ve got a sore throat, GARGLE SALT WATER.

When you want to maintain your buzz, TILT ONE BACK.

Have one ON ME.

If you find yourself in England, get BLINKING SOZZLED.

Can’t wait for the day to end so you can meet your friends at the bar? Wait a few hours, then crack open an ice cold LAGER.

If you just arrived home to an apparently peaceful house and home life, pour yourself a SCOTCH.

It’s 5:30. Time for BEER.

You’ve stopped the car at a remote cabin in the woods; opening the trunk to reveal a case of beer along with packed bags, groceries and sleeping bags. Your buddies ask you where the hell you’ve BEEN. CUT to a shot of the KITCHEN, where one of them SWIPES a can of the good stuff from under your nose. You LAUGH at them and SHAKE your head. SMASH CUT to your frozen patio overlooking a mountain range no one has ever seen. You LAUGH and SHAKE your head at the mountains. You can’t stop LAUGHING at the mountains. DRINK your beer. ♦

Image via Flickr 

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