High-Energy Breakfast Could Help Shed Some Extra Weight: Research
Research finds clues about Interbreeding among Ancient Humans and Denisovans
Astronomers detect Strongest-ever Fast Radio Burst Signals
Low Sperm Count could be an Indicator of Other Health Issues: Research
Asteroid Mining could be Trillion Dollar Business: Goldman Sachs

Scientists have been talking for quite some time about Asteroid mining but a new report from Goldman Sachs claims that asteroid mining could be turned into trillion dollar business.

Gulf Stream currents at their weakest level in 1,600 years: Study

The warm Atlantic current play an important role in our climate and new study suggests that the current is at its weakest level in 1,600 years. Researchers added that the current is nearly 15 percent weaker compared to its strength around 400 AD.

Buzz Aldrin passes lie detector test about his alien claims

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has passed a lie detector test to check if he was telling the truth about aliens. Aldrin is the second man to land on the moon and the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany conducted lie detector tests to check validity of claims regarding alien life.

Skyglow project showcases New York City Night Sky without Light Pollution

Light pollution is becoming a big issue in major cities across the world and Skyglow project team aims to bring focus on light pollution. Skyglow project shared an image of New York City night sky without light pollution.

NASA showcases amazing images of gullies formed at Matara Crater on Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has sent amazing images of Matara Crater on the Red Planet. The high resolution images showcase many gullies that run through the sand dunes in the Matara Crater region.

Pfizer working on miracle pill similar to Viagra after patent expiry results in lower sales

Pharmaceutical major Pfizer is working on another miracle pill in order to improve the sales as its popular blue pill ‘Viagra’ faces challenge from generic version of Sildenafil. Viagra has remained popular among men for erectile dysfunction for last 20 years.