Study: young Vancouverites should consider protesting housing prices in Surrey and Abbotsford instead

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — A new report released this week by a Vancouver-based think tank has found that most millennial Vancouver residents can no longer afford to attend an average-sized public demonstration protesting the city’s exorbitant housing prices, and that they should consider protesting housing prices in Surrey and Abbotsford instead.

The study found that while the cost of participating in rallies, marches, and protests has risen across Canada, Vancouver’s housing protest prices have ballooned at a “dangerous” rate.

“Yeah, I don’t know whether I have the will or the social capital to really invest myself in Vancouver real estate activism right now,” said UBC Science student Jerry Park, who works part-time at the university library to support himself.

“Maybe I’ll look for something in Surrey instead.”

“What these people don’t understand is that Vancouver housing protests are very quickly becoming a luxury,” said prominent Vancouver real estate developer Bob Rennie.

“We need to be thinking about protests in Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, etc. The problem isn’t demand, the problem is supply. We need more protests, that’s just something we need to accept.”

“The worst thing is that people respond on Facebook that they’re attending, and then they just don’t go,” said SFU economist Jerry Brock, who contributed to the report.

“Meanwhile, thousands of other hopefuls are left in the rain with nothing.” ♦

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