Centaur | Hippotherapy, animal care center, dog shelter
Hippotherapy center for disabled children in Yerevan, Armenia.
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A place where humans and animals live together in harmony with Nature,

and the handicapped get the most amazing rehabilitation –  Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Support a Horse/Dog, Sponsor a Child!

What is Hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is recommended for full or partial treatment of a range of problems including cerebral palsy, autism, scoliosis and other spinal problems, schizophrenia, Down’s syndrome, disorder with nervous system, mental deficiency, osteochondrosis, prostatitis, as well as in the post heart attack and stroke rehabilitation period, etc.

The application of hippotherapy has grown exponentially in the world over the last decade. Hippotherapy, as a treatment, is not only a pleasurable experience; it is an exercise therapy and massage with clinical and psychological benefits, and far more effective than the traditional massage or exercise therapy. Hippotherapy is a kind of therapy that utilizes equine (horse) movement. Derived from the Greek hippos, for horse, “hippotherapy” literally refers to treatment or therapy aided by a horse. The main advantage of hippotherapy over traditional methods of rehabilitation is that it provides an effective combination of physical and emotional impact on the patient.

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Mais Asatryan

Problem:CP, hemiparesis
Attendance: November, 2010 – up to date
Progress recorded at: January 2011

Mother Varduhi: : When Hasmik told me about the horse for my son my first reaction was negative; I was scared that he could not hold on the horse with one hand and one leg damaged. But she explained that hippotherapy is different from horse riding and first times they will insure him. I agreed though could not get rid of fear completely.

My son was diagnosed cerebral palsy when he was just few months old. They said he had to undergo a long rehabilitation but we did not have money for that. So we had to accept the fact that our child was and would be disabled and live with that…

Ani Arustamyan

Age: 2001
Problem: CP, weak muscles, disturbed coordination, inability to walk with no support, lack of stimulus
Attendance: June 2009 – up to date
Progress recorded at: July 2010

Mother Lilia: My child is 8 years old, she has CP, and her coordination is very disturbed. Constant searches for new rehabilitation methods for my daughter brought me to Centaur hippotherapy center. I was surprised to see two young guys – Borya and Hasmik there who despite all difficulties and obstacles persistently were practicing rehabilitation of the children.


Levon Ghoukasyan

Born: 2001
Problem:spastic tetraparesis
Attendance: December 2008 – June 2010
Progress recorded at: July 2010

Mother Anoush: We have been attending hippotherapy sessions for around a year, with little breaks. We alternate hippotherapy sessions with sessions in the Children’s State Rehabilitation Center. The horse’s positive impact on Levon was visible a month after we started sessions. The first and biggest success was we stopped taking medicine for relaxing spastic muscles which Levon was taking for 2 years. Then he started rolling from back to belly (before he could do it only from belly to back). Hands’ spastic muscles got pretty much relaxed; hips’ muscles which were strained like a whip are totally relaxed and hardly touched after getting off the horse. Sitting and standing skills got improved a lot; the child now sits at the table on a backless chair (before the chair not only had to have a back but also an insurer next to him) and stands holding at the table. He lessened crossing legs while walking (held by both hands).


Attendance: November 2008 – December 2009
Progress recorded at: October 2009
Mother Lusine: : I have started taking my son to different specialists since 1.5 years old when I noticed him step by step losing his speech, eye contact and almost any reaction to the outer world. Time was passing but my son’s condition would not get better. In some cases he would behave like a genius – i.e. he adores reading and seems to understand what he reads though has never been taught reading. Or he feels like a cat when someone has health problems or something bad is going to happen. But on the other side he had no social and practical skills: he would not even eat or go to toilet on his own; avoided crowded places, refused traveling in public transport…

Give your child a chance to enjoy and improve his/her life.





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