Industrial hemp is a solution to a genuine global problem
Demand for consumer goods will double in the next twenty years as disposable income increases in our world’s most populous nations. However, the ability for our planet to double the production of raw materials such as oil, timber and cotton to meet this demand is not plausible, nor sustainable.
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The flowers of industrial hemp are used in medicines.

The outer stalk fibre is renowned for being the longest and strongest natural
Hemp seeds produce a high quality protein, essential fatty acids, and other essential
Coupled with today’s modern science, the huge variation in the genetic traits of hemp makes it
Our Experience
Ecofibre understands that the most profitable part of the industrial hemp value chain lies in registering, exploiting and protecting Intellectual Property (IP) developed by the company since 1997 and that which it will produce into the future.

Licenses and import / export experience

Ecofibre holds all the relevant licenses and authorisations to research, grow, multiply, import and export industrial hemp and any other form of cannabis.

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Plant Genetics and Seed Supply

Until recently all industrial hemp strains were developed for latitudes 42˚-60˚.

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Growing Technology

After nearly 70 years of dormancy, most markets, and in particular the United States, lost the know how to effectively grow industrial hemp.

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Processing Technology

Hemp decorticating mills in Europe are long established, large and expensive, running upwards of $3-5 million just for the equipment.

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Material Science

While the traditional use of the outer long fibre (25% of the crop) has been for textiles, paper and non-woven products.

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Medicinal Cannabinoid extracts

Ecofibre has developed processes and is beginning regulatory due diligence to lead this industry in Australia and expects to license these processes and provide precursor materials to US extractors.

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Our Company Timeline
  • 1997

    Phil Warner begins journey and establishes vision that later becomes Ecofibre

  • 1998

    First cannabis plants secured from Central and Asia Minor and legally brought into Australian Territories marking the beginning of what is now the most diverse proprietary seed bank

  • 1998-2008

    Establishment of all facets of R&D and value chain, from Plant Science to Product.

  • 2009

    Ecofibre Industries Operations established

  • 2013

    First set of Plant Breeders Rights granted protecting Ecofibre IP

  • 2014

    1st Australian company to receive pre-approved DEA permits for importation of hemp seed
    into the US

  • 2014

    CBD field trials and extraction completed in Australia

  • 2015

    United Life Science established in conjunction with Kentucky Hemp to distribute Ecofibre intellectual property in the US

  • 2015

    CBD field trials and extraction completed in Kentucky

  • 2015

    Ecofibre raises first round of private investment to include cornerstone investor Lambert Family Trust

  • 2016

    Ecofibre to finalise partnership with South American growing company to produce large scale organic hemp seed food production for global distribution

  • 2016

    Second and final round of private investment for Ecofibre

Our Industry
The recent push for legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes has helped to create better legislation to grow industrial hemp which allows for a future sustainable supply of its fiber and cellulose which will give confidence in demand of this crop.
  • Landmark gift from Australian couple gives $3M to boost The Lambert Centre for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp.

  • A genuine issue is that hundreds of thousands of Australians are not able to legally access the medical benefits that come from cannabinoids. The cause of this issue stems from the fear of legalising or encouraging drug use. See more about the solution provided by our Managing Director.

  • Whilst Ecofibre produces a tremendous amount of food grade hemp seed, we are still awaiting food laws that allow us to provide the highest quality Australian grown seed to Australians. Read more on what is happening in Australia.

  • Changes are being proposed at the top levels of Australia to support the use of medicinal cannabis. Read more from Federal Health Minister Susan Ley

  • One of the most important markets for Ecofibre is the United States and Kentucky in particular due to attractive legislation and its strong agricultural economy. Read more about what is happening in Kentucky and the future we see here.

  • One of our cornerstone investors is the Lambert Family Trust who earlier this year gave over $33m to Sydney University to conduct research to rapidly advance the use of medicinal cannabinoids in the treatment of childhood epilepsy and other serious illnesses.

  • Read more about the amazing Katelyn Lambert whose personal journey has resulted in tremendous momentum being built for cannabinoid research in Australia

  • Sustainability for our planet is a long-term goal for Ecofibre and underpins our vision. Read more about what hemp does for our planet.

  • Read more about how Australia looks to continue to drive innovation in agriculture.

Our Company
Ecofibre is committed to the maintaining its leadership position in the development of technologies across the entire industrial hemp value chain. The commercialisation of this intellectual property is managed regionally via fully owned entities, subsidiaries or local partnerships.

The strategic focus and ownership structure for each region is dependent on local industries in the region as well as the legal framework that exists with regards to food use, medical use and growing regulations.

Ecofibre has taken the fundamental position that we will only work in the industrial hemp industry. Trading or dealing with marijuana is not any part of Ecofibre’s current or future plans.
Ecofibre - Australia
Ecofibre Life Science – United States
Ecofibre- Uruguay
Directors and Advisors
  • Phil Warner (age 63)

    Managing Director

  • Eric Wang (age 48)

    Executive Director

  • Barry Lambert


  • Dr. Hao Wang


  • Dr. Dave Pate


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