International Media Relations

H&H is one of the most respected international media relations companies in the industry. Over the past 30 years we have developed a pristine reputation around the world as a firm that supplies media organizations with valuable news stories that have a global reach.

Journalists know and respect H&H, which automatically opens doors for our clients, allowing our media campaigns to sometimes reach as many as two billion people via radio, TV, print, the Internet and social media.

Our team of researchers, writers, television producers and other experts works closely with our clients to assure that the best possible materials are prepared for distribution to the press. The short-term result is dramatically increased positive news coverage of client issues on a global scale. In the longer term, our clients develop a reputation among media organizations as the primary experts in their field and are frequently called on proactively to give their expertise in the media.

Ongoing global media coverage greatly enhances advocacy and can also be a strong fundraising tool.

When international organizations choose Hoffman & Hoffman, they know they are choosing the best and that they can count on increased media exposure of their programs, no matter where in the world those programs exist.

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