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D-link Router Setup

To perform D-link router setup is not a difficult task; you can do it yourself, following the instructions, or by contacting our Support team.

The initial setting for D-link router setup

  • To get started on the Internet, you need to connect the D-LINK correctly to do D-link router setup :
  • Internet cable that is installed in the apartment by installers must be connected to the INTERNET port (gray)
  • The computer must be connected to any of the LAN ports, for example, LAN1 (blue);
  • STB prefix must be connected to LAN4 port;
  • Plug the power adapter into the power socket and electrical outlet.
  • Set the computer’s network adapter to the automatic receiving mode:

In Windows XP,

  • Click “Start” – “Control Panel” – “Network Connections”.
  • Right-click on “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties”.
  • Double click on “Internet Protocol” open its properties and put the switch in the “Get IP addresses automatically”, “Obtain DNS server address automatically” and click “OK”.

Firmware Upgrade for DLINK Router Setup

Before the firmware upgrade procedure, you need to find out the hardware revision of your device. In order to properly determine the hardware revision of the router, you need to pick the right one which suits your device. Find a line on it that starts on “H / W Ver.:” The following letters and numbers indicate a hardware revision.

  • The recommended firmware version is 1.2.94.
  • Before you start the firmware, download version 1.2.94 or more of the latest version on the manufacturer’s website:
  • Then open your browser and go to the router at
  • In the field “User name” enter admin; In the Password field, type admin, and then click Log On.
  • Then go to the System -> Software Update menu, select the file with the downloaded firmware and click the Update button.
  • After the firmware process is over, there will be new software on your router.

Technical Support for D-LINK Router Set Up

  • Please help me to configure internet setting for connecting my D-link router?

To configuring Internet connection settings you should follow these steps:

  • Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and in the address bar go to the router at htttp: //
  • In the “User Name” field enter admin, in the “Password” field enter admin and then click The Login button.
  • The web-interface of the router opens, click Network , then WAN :
  • In the window that opens, write down the “Name” of QWERTY, and also set the settings and click the Save button, then in the upper right corner again Save.
  • How to connect the router to the PC on which we want it to configure?

Connect the INSIS cable to the yellow port on the router (INTERNET port), then you need to connect the network card of your PC to one of the four black ports on the router (LAN1-4) with a patch cord. In this case, the settings for obtaining the IP address on the network card must be in the “Get automatically” value. For more information on the network settings on the Ethernet interface of the PC, see our help section.

  • Why it is required to set the width of the wireless network?

For correct operation of the wireless network, you need to adjust the width of the wireless network channel. To do this, go to the “Wi-Fi-Advanced Settings” section and set the “Channel width” setting: – 20 / 40MHz-:  

  • What should I do if there is no connection?

If there is no connection, the following actions must be performed:

  • Look – the light on the network card is on. The network card is installed in your computer and is located behind the system unit (our network cable is suitable for it).
  • If the light bulbs on the network card do not light, this may indicate: that the cable is not connected or the cable is not completely plugged.
  • that the network card is turned off.
  • the failure of the network card.
  • How the authorization of the DLink router does is performed?

Once the router is connected, now you need to go to its web-interface through any browser. To do this, open the browser and enter the address of the router in the address bar:

After we see that the router requires authorization, i.e. prompts for a username and password. By default on older models of the D-Link router are installed:

  • User name – admin
  • Password – leave blank

So, we drive the data and click “Log in”

  • How to set up the password for Wi-Fi on the D-Link DIR-400 router?
  1. Select the tab “Wireless Settings “on the Web-interface, then “Manual Wireless Connection Setup “.
  2. In the “WI-FI PROTECTED SETUP” box, clear the check box that includes this setting: “Enable “.
  3. Below in the line ” Wireless Network Name: ” to come up and specify the name of your wireless network, this name will be shown later when you connect to the network.
  4. Below choose ” Security Mode: ” – “Enable WPA / WPA2 Wireless Security “.
  5. Below in the ” Network Key: ” we come up and drive in the password.
  6. after clicking “Save Settings “.
  • How to configure automatic obtaining of an IP address in Windows XP?
  • Click the Start button and go to Control Panel> Network and Internet Connections> Network Connections.
  • In the “Network Connections” window, right-click the corresponding “Local Area Connection” and select the “Properties” line in the appeared context menu.
  • In the “Local Area Connection” window – properties on the “General” tab, select the “Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)” line. Click the Properties button.
  • Set the switches to the “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain a DNS server address automatically”. Click the “OK” button.
  • Click the “OK” button in the “Connection Properties” window. Now your computer is configured to automatically obtain an IP address.
  • What is the reason behind an error “Unable to display the page,” while connecting to the web interface of the router?

If, when trying to connect to the web interface of the router, the browser displays an error such as “Unable to display the page,” make sure that the device is properly connected to the computer.

  • Why saving the changes in setting is important?

To ensure that the settings you have made were not lost during hardware reboot (accidental or deliberate power failure of the device), it is recommended to save them in the non-volatile memory of the router.

  • How can I secure my Wi-Fi password?

The best way to secure the wireless network is by setting a strong password to Wi-Fi.

  • How to do a WPA Encryption protection to your Wi-Fi network?

To do this, select “WPA-Personal” in the “Security Mode” field. After the selection, you open the second part of the page, in which you need to specify the same codeword, with the help of which the signal of your Wi-Fi network will be encrypted. The code word must be between 8 and 63 characters.

Enter the codeword in the “Pre-Shared Key” field. You can enter both Latin letters and numbers.

  • How can I set up a Wi-Fi card on computer to access the network?
  • To do this, left-click once on the network card icon in the lower right corner of the screen (next to the clock).
  • In the window that appears, click the Connect button and enter the Wireless Network Access Key that you set earlier.