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Avoid taking alcohol while being on Xanax medication
Xanax has been used since a long time for the treatment of anxiety, panic disorders, tensions and depression in patients of all age groups. It is quite sad to see that school and college going students also suffer from various kinds of problems related to depression and panic disorders. The problems get severe and serious if treatments are not done at the right time. Therefore the moment one feels that there are such problems, it is best to consult a physician for the same. If it is the onset of the problem, it can be treated with the help of counseling. But when it becomes a little serious, medications have to be started for the same.
Xanax is a common medicine that is prescribed by doctors for treating these problems. There are some precautions that need to be followed while taking this medicine. One of the most common things is to avoid taking alcohol. There are two reasons for which alcohol consumption while taking Xanax can be dangerous. One is that the risks of the side effects (if any) of the medicine can increase considerably with the intake of alcohol and secondly, the level of mental illness can aggravate to a great extent with the consumption of alcohol during the treatment with Xanax. Along with this, there can be slowness in brain activity to a considerable degree as both this medicine and alcohol are CNS depressants. This might reduce the attention and alertness in individuals leading to accidents and mishaps.

Some of the most common health problems that might crop up if Xanax and alcohol are taken together include:
Problem with memory
Immense drowsiness
Behavior that might be unusual and unnatural
Intense coordination problems
In cases where people need to take in Xanax in quite high doses and where there is a problem of alcohol addiction, slow heart rate and shallow breathing can be a severe problem. Infact the problem can be so serious that it might prove to be fatal for the patient. It is very important to discuss all such addiction problems in details with the doctor if he prescribes Xanax.