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John A. Cimino, Esq. is a consumer trial lawyer and has been practicing legal malpractice law in Colorado since the early 1980’s. He is also licensed to practice in New York. In fact, he was born in and then grew up in upstate New York.

Mr. Cimino also went to college in New York. He graduated from high school in 1970 and was the first student named class president every year in high school. He worked his way through college and law school as a student law intern and a professional guitarist. He attended the University of Albany, New York, where he each a B.S. in 1974 and his M.S. in 1976 in secondary education. Mr. Cimino obtained his Juris Doctor (J.D.) law degree in 1979 from the Gonzaga University School of Law in Spoken, Washington. Once in Colorado, he attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program, Denver, Colorado where he earned a Masters of Taxation Law (L.L.M.) in 1982.

Mr. Cimino has always focused his interests on helping others. He was the senior editor on the Law Review at Gonzaga Law School. After obtaining his L.L.M. he worked as a tax attorney, defending taxpayers at the Big 8 accounting firm of Touche Ross. From 1989 until 2001, Mr. Cimino also served as a Chapter 7 trustee for the District of Colorado, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, where he reviewed and administered thousands of cases. During this time, he recovered nearly $4 million from a business debtor. This recovery amount set a record that still stands today.

Protecting and Defending Consumers

In the area of protecting and defending consumers from legal malpractice, Mr. Cimino recently signed a publishing deal with Celebrity PressTM (April 2012)  for a book he co-authored titled “Protect and Defend: Proven Strategies from America’s Leading Attorneys to help you Protect and Defend Your Business, Family and Wealth.” Look for this book in the summer of 2012.

These are only a few of the examples of how Mr. Cimino has spent his entire career successfully helping consumers. From helping consumer debtors to legally achieve a fresh start with bankruptcy laws to writing a book to help people navigate today’s legal system to representing clients who have experienced a violation of trust, as in malpractice, Mr. Cimino works to uphold legal malpractice laws and to make sure the systems are fair and honorable.

Mr. Cimino is a professional who contributes to the community and to his profession. He invented the Colorado Trial CalculatorR, which is a tool designed for trial lawyers. This system helps a trial lawyer compute trial deadlines. For one piece of his community service, he created Win a Free BankruptcyTM. Each month his firm donates a free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to a needy Colorado family.

Mr. Cimino is personable, dedicated and a diligent professional and his work ethic translates to the rest of his firm.