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For the first time in history, there are five generations active in the economy, communities, schools and the family. Many in the media write about “Millennials” like they are some strange entitled, rebellious group that is difficult if not impossible to manage and motivate. Because of the attention and obsession with Millennials, there is no shortage of books and organizations offering to help companies “figure out” their Millennial employees and customers.

DKMC Founder and CMO, Dillon Kalkhurst launched The Center for Intergenerational Engagement in 2017 to share the findings from his book “Intergenerational Engagement: Understanding the Five Generations in Today’s Economy.”  Dillon’s book, keynote presentations, and corporate training events take a broader approach by focussing on self-awareness first.

Dillon says. “To fully understand Millennials, other generations, and personalities in your life, you have to understand your own preferences and values first. When your age-diverse associates challenge you, ask yourself, are they being difficult or are they just different?”

The book dispels negative generational stereotypes and discusses the unique strengths each generation brings to the table. When everyone becomes self-aware and learns to embrace their age-diversity, communication barriers fall, and collaboration becomes second nature. That’s Intergenerational Engagement.

Intergenerational Engagement is a new 21st Century skill. Every generation needs that skill. Today, many companies, are led by older generations and may not possess a clear succession plan that will have their Millennial and Gen Z associates ready to lead their organizations into the future. Effective Intergenerational Engagement will lay the foundation for effective communications and a strong corporate culture.


Every generation is motivated by emotion. Short and impactful videos have become the most effective way to inspire and create loyal customers and employees. While video has always been, a compelling story telling medium, social media has taken it to another level. From Generation Z to Baby Boomers, everyone will pause and watch a short, interesting and engaging video on their mobile device or computer screen.

DKMC has over 25 years experience telling inspiring stories through video. Today, you can’t “look professional” when it comes to video production if you want to reach Generation Z and Millennials. The secret is producing professional video that looks organic and that takes real skill and storytelling experience.

DKMC specializes in testimonial-based video stories that will:

  • Inspire and create loyal employees who “Love Their Organization”
  • Engage Millennials and Generation Z customers around social causes and quality products
  • Provide ongoing and personalized communications around your brand and mission


DKMC is proud to be part of the Leadership Coaching team at BlackRain Partners, a leading business consulting firm that specializes in driving revenue by fixing people related problems. DKMC and BlackRain Partners provides customized consulting that is realistic, flexible, practical and based on real world experience.

Services offered include:

  • Tailored Employee Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Sales and Business Development Training
  • HR Strategy & Corporate Culture
  • Organizational Health Evaluations
  • Non-Profit Board Development
  • Leadership Roundtables

For more information visit www.blackrainpartners.com

Strategic Partnerships for Social Impact


DKMC enjoys relationships with many corporate, nonprofit, foundation and government campaign coordinators. DKMC hand-selects mission-aligned businesses to help them build strategically aligned partnerships. DKMC then develops a sales strategy that utilizes these relationships to drive sales and raise awareness of your company’s products and services. When DKMC is passionate about the products and services, we will make the sales as well. We are the rainmakers! Once we help create the right partnership conditions, we’ll make it rain.

Sixty-six percent of Millennials plan on leaving their current job by the end of 2020. When seeking employment, Millennials first look for a great corporate culture that makes a difference in their communities. DKMC works with businesses to create Millennial-friendly corporate cultures that include perfectly aligned social impact programs and then develops nonprofit relationships that create positive media while making a difference. These programs help attract, inspire and retain team members by empowering Millennials employees and help the business “do good by doing well.”


Dillon is an innovative professional who grasped an understanding of millennials long before others paid attention to this lucrative generation. His experience with Millennial Moms is transferable to multiple industries and products.
I have enjoyed working with Dillion in the mom space.
Maria Bailey | Marketing to Moms Expert & CEO , BSM Media, Inc.
If you’re looking for a professional that can bring strategic sponsorship opportunities and amazing alliances, Dillon Kalkhurst is “the man”!! His professionalism, targeted planning, creative talents and passion for making a difference in a competitive landscape are second to none. Not only does he find innovative ways to develop and execute niche market programs that affect a company’s bottom line, he remains a true partner in every sense of the word throughout the entire process!
Liz Kaiser | Partnership Marketing Director, Sandals Resorts
I have known Dillon for about 20 years. I can honestly say he is in the top 5 most talented people I know. What makes him different? He believes he can do anything! When Dillon decides to take something on, get ready for a fun ride, with lots of action and ideas abound! He has a unique ability to see things others don’t and create an amazing path forward. He is extremely good at leveraging all of his contacts and ideas into one central mission. The result is something special that leaves an indelible mark on those involved. Dillon knows how to create an environment of fun, learning, and action. Everyone wins when he is involved. Dillon is a leader that makes you think, challenges the status quo, and drives toward the mission at hand. I cannot think of a better person to lead a team into battle or bring a large plan into focus than Dillon; he is simply fantastic!
Tim Wasman | Regional VP Outside Sales Division, Groupon
Dillon Kalkurst is a connector extraordinaire. His keen sense for recognizing opportunity and building strategic alliances to increase community impact has greatly contributed to the success of the Kiwanis/Scholastic partnership. Dillon’s “make it happen” attitude is infectious and moves others toward collaborative success.
Pam Norman Senior Director | Corporate Relations, Kiwanis International