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jitter (jit'er): to be nervous or anxious; to act in a nervous way.

titter (tit'er): to laugh in a suppressed way, as from nervousness. 

Dr. Jitters & Nurse Titters: your cobweb horror host & hostess!




The Latest Noose!

Our Guestbook service is dying a slow and agonizing death.  The Archival Guestbook is located here.  

Acri Creature Feature creators Bill Flannery and Don Raymond are honored by fellow fiend, Phil from Dubuque on our latest page, Creature Creators!  Enjoy...

We say a sad goodbye to Ken Gibson, a.k.a., our old pal "Vincent Hedges" at the Ken Gibson Memorial Page.

We've added tribute pages to The Captain Jinks Show and Nightmare Theater starring Milton Budd!   Flick, er, click the frames on the left to visit the online tributes!  A third page of Fan Memories has been added as well!

A new page of fan memories has been added!  Check out what writer Steven Philip Jones has to say about how the Acri Creature Feature influenced him.

Frequently Assumed Quantums:  We're just fans like you. We don't have any connection to the Acri Company or the Acri Creature Feature.  We grew up near Peoria.













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