A list of Canadian values

1. Working really, really, really hard. I’m talking hard. SO hard.

2. Never counting your chickens before they hatch.

3. Removing your hat, standing proudly at attention and covering your heart with your hand whenever you hear any song.

4. Really good, quality storytelling and character development.

5. Like I said, so, so hard. Very very very hard.

6. Hard work, and elbow grease.

7. A good, honest day’s work.

8. Smiling every single time you see the Canadian flag anywhere. Even one of those small Canada flag pins is enough to make a cartoonish, mischievous smile crawl across your face.

9. A day of just unending, blindingly difficult, hard hard work.

10. Working so incredibly hard that people at work stop you and go, “you are bleeding from all of your fingers, slow down.”

11. Sweat. The daily grind. Hard.

12. Breathing very hard.

13. You might pass out.

14. Making every moment count. Every moment of hard, back-breaking, bone-cracking, head-shattering work.

15. Work so hard you give yourself arthritis at the age of seven.

16. Nail, meet head. Behave like a hammer.

17. Work until you die!

18. Everything I am wearing is soaked completely through with sweat!

19. Invent a new word for “work.”

20. Whenever you see a construction crew on the street, join in and get to work.

21. TBD

22. Enough chitchat and let’s get to fucking work.

23. Working like a dog. ♦

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