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We are based in Covington and like to work with local businesses!

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO starts with Keyword Research – determining which search terms your site should be ranking for and then optimizing your website around those keywords.  Alongside this is content creation, influencer outreach and the never-ending quest for authoritative backlinks to your website to increase it’s credibility and rankings. Remember, if your website isn’t on the first page of the Google results, prospective customers are finding your competitor’s website instead of yours.

Reputation Management

In today’s connected world, reviews about your business and your competitor’s business are becoming increasingly important.  With strong SEO, we can rank your site but once you’re on the first page, it’s best if prospective customer saw a lot of positive reviews.  Combining a solid Reputation Management approach with focused and effective Search Engine Optimization will ensure your website attracts visitors who are already pre-qualified based on the search terms they used.

Website Design

If you have a website, we can help maintain it.  If you need a website, we can build it from scratch.  All of our work is focused on creating mobile friendly sites that are optimized for the best SEO and have the highest chance of turning your website visitors into paying customers.  For the most part, our work is done on WordPress these days, but don’t let that fool you – the WordPress platform enables the creation of some of the most attractive and useful websites in the world today.