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Indie Game Development has a lot of hardships!

Not just the technical and creative aspects but also the financial side!
When living of savings or part-time income, it’s important to watch were your money goes!
Here are my tips on how I made my ‘Cut backs’

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Sony Playstation: Net Yaroze.
Official Playstation Hobbyist Development Kit

The Sony Net Yaroze (Playstation) is a hobbyist development PS1. It is a cut-down library of the official development libraries which required serial data communication (no executable running of the cdrom). Yarōze means "Let's do it!". I’ve uploaded my old net yaroze stuff.. which wasn’t much.
I’m trying to find the source files for this project.
But I’ve gone through a few hard drives since 2001, but I still got them.
I remember doing it in a few weeks, (mostly on jolt cola,creaming soda and the purple one) but I can’t remember how I did it! Garrgg!

Good thing I’ve got these notes!

Looking at the sense today, it still looks active:
http://www.psxdev.net/ has annual comps!

Nice write up on the past major members and what they are doing now.

I had the newsgroup archived… somewhere :(

Here you will find my programming notes, screenshots and photos of my Net Yaroze.

Most of my low-res B/W textures were taken on the gameboy camera! This is/was me!

Here’s a good video explaining what it was, remember this is back in 1997, the peak of the Playstation’s life!


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Ouya vs Gamestick

14 Sep 2013 In: GameDev, Android

Comparing Ouya’s SDK (ODK) versus gamestick’s SDK.

Gamestick’s SDK looks more mature to me.
It’s better documented and supports native C++ (via JNI wrapper classes), ODK not officially! and has support for generic blue tooth controllers support.. while BT on Ouya (from others experiences) looks hacky at best.

Also gamestick SDK has social (leaderboard/Achievements) & analytics in it’s framework, which to my knowledge ouya does not. That alone is great for devs!

Another plus for gamestick, the controller has start and select buttons!!
(Ouya being an emulation device really miss-stepped there!)

What worried me was XMBC support on gamestick, but there are reports it will be supported.

And finally, free the funds fiasco:

“…we’ll understand if the game you can’t afford to make isn’t on OUYA.”
Can most indie devs afford to make games in general??
We do it in our spear time and live on savings to do it.. so this is a huge slap in the face for me!
Whoever wrote that, needs to be fired ASAP!
UPDATE Sept 19, Ouya has now changed ‘Free the games’ Fund.

So, all in all.. sadly, I’m not interested in ouya anymore.
Mostly due to the lack of C++ native and limited API.

Gamestick’s SDK
Ouya’s SDK

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Announcing Leadwerks 3

The much anticipated LE3 was first introduced with the price of $999USD desktop only.
iOS and Android support is an addition $999USD each!!
Then after a day of massive criticism, it dropped to $450.
Then again dropped to $199.

I guess it was funny at the time watching a few people (around 10) leave Leadwerks and move to another closed source game engine, EE (Esenthel Engine).
You think they would have learned?

Sure EE is pretty awesome, it has a lot of great features (including Linux support) while being affordable.
After all, I did buy a license.
But you are required to use the editor which adheres to no windows standards!
You can use/debug in Visual studio, but any changes made don’t revert back to the editor, so no point unless you are only targeting windows.

Not having much internet access at the time, I moved from EE to Gameplay3D when he made his application require license checking every time on start-up, with no Grace period (V2 editor starting with no internet connection).

I learnt the importance of having the game engine source code!
The freedom and flexibility of adding your own features instead of having to bid on them like crowd funding just to motivate the creator.
More importantly, I wasn’t learning much using EE because it’s poorly documented and I couldn’t drill down into the engine’s code to see what was going on!
Besides, I didn’t need advanced features like MMORPG support etc.
That’s why I switched to Gameplay3D.
But here’s the lesson, game engine programmers, like everyone else need to be paid… but some are just a bit more eccentric!

Below is the google cache of the page which was removed after a lot of nasty comments!
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UPDATE: Free the games fund was update to a more indie friend approach and gridiron thunder declined to receive the fund money.

Ouya’s ‘Free the Funds’ Fund

Ouya’s freethegamesfund.com idea, is interesting to me.
The first time I saw this, I know it would be open to abuse.

1. Get a couple of friends to pledge at the $10,000 dinner with the developer level

2. Get 25% of matching funds

3. use the matching funds to return ‘friends’ money

4. profit

Gridiron Thunder will be receiving $170,000 + an extra $100,000 from ouya (the bonus prize for the ‘most funded game’).

That’s $270,000 to develop a title they’re selling for $5. They would have to sell 54,000 copies of Gridiron Thunder just to recoup that money. That’s far, far more copies than ANY game has sold on the Ouya.

In other words, the rational thing for the Gridiron Thunder team to do would be to keep the money from Ouya and spit out a very very crappy football game. I think that’s been their plan from the start.

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mgarcia is started, again

3 Sep 2013 In:

Welcome to mgarcia.

Where I (Mike) am in development of a game called ???, were the object of the game is… ??? and to collect coins.
The game is a 3d ???.
It is being developed on http://www.gameplay3d.org (C++).
Learning gamedev and hanging out on twitter #gamedev & #indiedev

Updates will come soon.

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