Look Who’s Talking

GTNF 2018 speakers and panelists

Exploring new territories requires guides who are experts in their area. In 2018, senior figures from the tobacco and nicotine industries will be presenting the latest ideas and directions in harm reduction and innovation. Alongside them, a growing range of voices from government, the financial sector, public health and the media offer new perspectives, signposts to success in a transforming business and regulatory landscape.

Below is a list of confirmed speakers. We will continue adding names as speakers confirm their participation.

Abelman, Jerome - BAT

Adams, George - Rex Healthcare

Asaf, Mubina - BAT Bangladesh

Ballin, Scott - health policy consultant

Barba, Germana - PMI

Basham, Patrick - Democracy Institute

Bates, Clive - Counterfactual

Bloomquist, Erik - financial analyst

Cullip, Martin - New Nicotine Alliance

Cushman, Brittani - Turning Point Brands

Davidson, Sinclair - RMIT University

Fagerstrom, Karl - Fagerstrom Consulting

Farsalinos, Konstantinos - Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center

Fell, Jonathan - Ash Park Capital

Gibson, Judy - vapor advocate

Gilchrist, Moira- PMI

Glover, Marewa - Massey University

Hu, Quingyuan - China National Tobacco Quality and Supervision Center

Isaksson, Cecilia - Swedish Match

Jarvis, Martin - University College London

Kehaya, Mark - Alliance One International

Koeppel, Holly - BAT

Kovacevic, Patricia - Nicopure Labs

Le Houezec, Jacques - neuroscientist

Levy, David - Georgetown University

Lilico, Andrew - Europe Economics

Littlewood, Mark - Institute of Economic Affairs

Lutz, Rolf - PMI

Lutzweiler, Jim - Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

McKeganey, Neil - Center for Drug Misuse Research

Murphy, Marina - scientist

Niaura, Raymond - Schroeder Institute

Nixon, Peter - Philip Morris UK and Ireland

Omoto, Joseph Magero

Polosa, Riccardo - University of Catania

Proctor, Chris - BAT

O'Reilly, David - BAT

Phillips, Tim - EcigIntelligence

Redmond, Helen - Nicotine Harm Reduction Consultants

Reerink, Michiel -  JTI

Riahi, Farhad - Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

Ross, Louise - National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training

Snowdon, Chris - Institute of Economic Affairs

Solomon, Valerie - RAI Services Co.

Sweanor, David - health advocate

Vorster, Pieter - Credit Suisse

Wilson, Rupert - Strategic Business Consulting

Wise, Suzanne - JTI

Yach, Derek - Foundation for a Smoke-Free World