Harness the Power of Lithium for Low Speed Electric Vehicles

Our SMART CHARGER and BMS integrates with your existing system!

Lithium Boost is the leader in lithium conversions for low speed electric vehicles.

We have many success stories of those who have achieved greater performance using our technology


Patented Chargers & BMS to Best Optimize Lithium Performance

Our core value is in the unique (patent pending) BMS/chargers system that is designed to optimize and control charging/discharging

in order to yield maximum stored energy and assure long life cycle of lithium cells.


We support 60ah, 100ah, 180ah, & *400ah systems.

*Require additional engineering.


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Many different people choose to convert their LEV to Lithium

Like A1 golf carts in Palm Desert, Dealer of the year in 2015

you can draw a lot of new customers  by offering

our state of the art lithium solution.



The demand for lithium is growing and you can offer

 your customers the benefits of Lithium-powered vehicles

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Sell lots of lithium battery powered golf carts


Like the City of Riverside you can save money on battery maintenance of your fleet while gaining the performance and increased battery lifespan of lithium.



LEV fleets can be costly and time consuming to maintain. Our

solution is maintenance free and extends life of LEV.

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This bus is powered by lithium

Like Gary King above you too can perform a lithium conversion using our system. We will provide all you need to

Perform the installation.




Our system was designed to be easy to install for the

average mechanic or DIY enthusiasts

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Sell lots of lithium battery powered golf carts

Lithium-powered low speed electric vehicles is the coming trend!

The Future of Electric Vehicles Is Golf Carts, Not Tesla.

When people think of electric vehicles, they think of Tesla. But if you want to see the future of EVs it’s important to look elsewhere.


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Sorry, Tesla. China Wants Golf Carts.

When Elon Musk closes his eyes and imagines the future of electric cars, he probably doesn't see city streets jammed with golf carts. The Chinese government does.


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