Essentially, Dao (the Way), the first of the Three Treasures, is the nameless mystery that produces, guides and nourishes Heaven / Earth / Humans. Dao provides the cosmological medium for life to thrive. It permeates each of us and expresses itself through our innate nature and life-destiny (xing and ming), evident in our affinities, life choices and being. 


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Daoist classics or scriptures (jing), the second of the Three Treasures, are sacred texts. Daoist scriptures hold an esteemed position in the Daoist tradition. Considered manifestations of the Dao, they represent an authentic source of Daoist views inspired by spirit and contemplation. A true jing in Daoism is marked by a talismanic quality- words imbued with rarefied energy and spiritual insight. These sacred texts further life and subtle connection. 

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Teachers (shi), the third of the Three Treasures, are stewards of the Daoist tradition. Teachers provide instructional gateways for us to enter into authentic explorations of practice- realization. Many Daoist teachers are steeped in lineage representing a traceable line of energetic understanding and transmission. Yet, throughout Daoist history, other teachers choose to remain hidden while their lives remain true to the permutations of Daoist cultivation. 

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