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Built with: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap

Gems include: FB OAuth, Rolify, Devise, Paperclip & CanCanCan

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Inspired by one of our bootcamp instructors who documented all student progress in a handwritten notebook, we sought to provide him with a web app that would allowed him keep track of tasks and meetings.

My personal contributions consisted of:

  • implementing the ability for students to schedule meetings with teachers
  • making UX improvements that involved making indexes easily usable and assuring members within a cohort easily identifiable to other members
  • providing graphic design elements and assuring UI consistency throughout the app
  • refining permissions and controlling access for different users
  • behavior-driven development with Capybara and Cucumber


Our team was able to maximize our performance using Agile development: daily morning scrums and code review at the end of the day. Our team greatly valued making sure everyone was on the same page and shared goals. It was a special experience for me because it opened up my eyes to how a team can find resolution and be more productive as a result.

Used: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, and Bootstrap

Worked with: Stripe API


During my internship with D&M; DevCo, I had the challenge of restructuring payment processing on their Rails app which uses Stripe API. Keys things I absorbed from working with my advisors Drew and Matt Haines are a healthy attitude for finding simple solutions (i.e. when not to use Javascript), creating legible code, good habits in workflow, and thoughtful considerations on user experience.

Mina always finds a way to impress me. She is organized, reliabled, friendly, and gets the work done!

Mina changed the pricing scheme for one of our apps, HoursLogger. Instead of 3 price plans ($9, $99, $299), she made it so we charge $9 per user. Mina successfully updated our Ruby on Rails app and navigated the Stripe API. I am fully confident in her skills and would recommend her for any web project!

- Drew Haines Co-Founder, CTO at DevCo/ HoursLogger/ Soxy


Genies Center of Educational Excellence

Prior to this website, Genies Center had zero online prescence. I consulted with the owner to develop a website that not only provided information about his services, testimonials, and educational programs but also served as a platform where tutors could send their job application and resumes.

Used: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML

Brattleboro Tango

I had the great opportunity of giving this organization's website a makeover. The redesign of this website aimed to visually represent the goal welcoming those interested in Argentine Tango and provide information a mobile-friendly website.


Mina offered our small arts non-profit a beautiful, elegant multiplatform website. She developed it quickly and was super responsive - what a pleasure to work with her! I'm so pleased with our new site.

- Sally from Brattleboro Tango

Hello! My name is Mina.

My Developer Tool Set

languages = [





frameworks = [




software = [



testing = [



"capybara" ]

development = [



"Agile" ]

database = [



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I hail from the beautiful land that is San Diego, California. As a math tutor for five years, I turned to programming not only to automate repetitive tasks needed to prepare learning materials but to also demonstrate to my students how math concepts are still worth learning. I found myself at San Diego's first programming bootcamp LEARN Academy in the summer of 2016. I am excited about developing educational tools and helping social-impact organizations have the platforms they need to meet their goals.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Collaborative Work

"If I can listen in a healthy way, I don’t need to drop out and give up the insights my team deserves."

-Jean Tabaka

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