Meet Jacqui - Founder of Souldresser

'Hi, have you fallen out of love with getting dressed? I am just itching to spread the joy of getting dressed everyday with love again.

I will work with you to find your unique style, it will evolve organically and at the same time inject excitement into your mornings. You are guaranteed to be excited to get dressed every day, you will still be wondering what to wear, because you will want to wear it all. I can even mend your pre-loved clothes as well as transform them into something else.

This isn’t about fashion, it’s your way of life, finding your style can be a journey and when you find it, you will most definitely own it. '

Our Personal Services

Wardrobe Cleanse – Min. 3hrs – £50ph

This is a lovely service that gets to the heart of identifying your personal style while de-cluttering and re-organising your clothes to work seamlessly for you and your life
Run in the comfort of your own home, join me, as I give you fresh ideas on how to utilise your existing clothes to their max, while highlighting key gaps that may be preventing the flow in your wardrobe and day to day dressing.
This is the ultimate experience to learn where your personal style really lies, and to gain tips and tricks with the freedom to experience an inner confidence that comes as a result of the Souldresser Wardrobe Cleanse – ‘Mending and upcycling of clothes is included!’.

Personal Shopping – 3 hours – £250

Experience shopping as a pampering treat with Souldresser as I guide you through the process of unlocking key purchases effortlessly that will excite you, and change the way you look and feel in an incredible way.
This service can be booked on its own or following the Souldresser Wardrobe Cleanse. It is personalised to you and can include a look for a special occasion, a re-look at your business dress, or a new season shop to develop your existing wardrobe build. Whatever you need, give me a call and we can have a hearty chat about your needs.

Style Workshops

Modern life is supremely busy for most of us! Do you feel there’s precious little time left for you? Souldresser has created a fabulous array of complimentary morning meet ups chatting all things style, colour, and nutrition personalised to you.

Join us if you are feeling frustrated with your clothes or you’re confused by what works for you in the shops? Would you like to learn how to rustle up delicious chocolatey easy and cost effective snacks for the whole family including the little ones? Do you really like colour, but have no idea which are your ‘go to’ shades?

My Journey So Far!

After School I studied at the iconic London College of Fashion, but left too soon to pursue a creative career path as a hair stylist. However, my true calling for fashion kept smouldering deep inside, and in the early 90’s I found myself in a key role within Monsoon's head office in West London. During a work break to start my family I began my 'Soul Journey’ and discovered my real passion: working with all people using my natural eye and creative talents to develop your personalised wardrobe and to create your unique personal style which will rock your world!

I style people from all walks of life. No wardrobe is too big or too small.

Souldresser CredIbility

I am a fully qualified personal and fashion stylist with training at the prestigious London College of Style. I have a unique way of understanding and implementing incredible personal style and colour to engage clients with their ‘soul’. This is my gift I want to share with you!

> Monsoon Fashion Assistant buyer

> Batik printing in Bali

> Sandal maker, trained at Bethnal Green

> Upcycle clothes for individual style

> Uniform styling for various companies

> Ongoing styling at The London Fashion Shows

Stop the feeling of struggling what to wear every day!


Have you ever wondered why you're attracted to certain colours? Colours are part of us. We subconsciously buy things because of the colour. We change our facial expression because of colour. When we wear colour it absorbs into our skin and changes our feelings, it is part of our world.


What our clients say!

When Jacqui arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find a very smiley lady at my door who immediately put me at ease. We put on some meditation music, which created a really lovely atmosphere.
We started by going through all the clothes I had put out one by one, she would first ask if I loved or hated the garment, then would comment on whether it was the right style/colour for me. At no time did Jacqui patronize me or make me feel silly for my choice of clothes, she just let me know why something either did or didn’t work in her calming way. As we found outfits that really worked, Jacqui took photos, which she sent to me via my phone, so I could print them off later or just refer to them at any time. If I was unsure of any garment, we discussed ways it could be altered to make a new garment. As the session progressed she taught me what materials go with what and what colours go with what, something I now realise I was getting very wrong! She also showed me colour charts and worked with my choices to determine what chakra’s of mine may be blocked.
At the end of the session, Jacqui presented me with a lovely handbag size leather book with all her tips and advice in, I also printed off my photos and stuck them in so I had a record of my outfits!
This experience has really taught me to love my clothes again. It has taught me that I do actually have some lovely clothes in my wardrobe, I just wasn’t wearing them in the right way, but with Jacqui’s help I now have outfits to wear and ideas of how to add accessories to brighten them up. She has also given me the confidence to shop better too. With Jacqui’s tips I will never make a rash purchase again, which can only be a good thing for my bank balance!
I cannot recommend Jacqui enough – without her help I would be in the 20+ year old uniform of jeans with a top thrown over forever.
I now look forward to opening up my wardrobe in the morning and choosing a pre-put together outfit or with confidence, put together separates that work.

Cilla Forkin Sales Consultant/Magpie

I contacted Jacqui, on the advice of a friend because I was struggling to organise my bulging wardrobe of clothes. In spite of having way too many clothes, I often struggled to put together an outfit, falling into the trap of wearing the same things over again and getting bored with them, then buying more clothes. The first thing Jacqui did was take out everything from my wardrobe so that we could identify any items that I no longer wore or didn’t like anymore. At first I felt anxious about throwing anything away, but with Jacqui’s encouragement, I started to enjoy the process of streamlining my clothes. Once we had established the items that I wished to keep, Jacqui began to arrange them into potential outfits. I found myself being surprised, intrigued and delighted as she put together variations of items that I had never thought to wear together. I began to see that I had many more options than I had imagined as she paired accessories to the outfits she had grouped together. Jacqui was very focussed on completing the task and made the whole morning a lot of fun. Since my session I no longer feel afraid to open my wardrobe. She has given me a number of key points to remember in putting together outfits, which I use regularly, in both dressing appropriately and comfortably and when I buy new clothes. As a result I feel more confident in my style and get dressed in the morning with renewed enthusiasm.

Josh Styler Marketing Director/Banana Republic

I had a great experience with Jacqui at Souldresser. My wardrobe was in total disarray and as a result I was just wearing the same outfits all the time and not making use of the clothes that I already had. Jacqui helped me go through all my existing items, taking out the things that no longer fitted (and sending some unloved items on their way) and pairing up clothes that I would not have thought to put together myself, giving my wardrobe a whole new lease of life. She also suggested a few simple additions which have really brought my style together. In addition, Jacqui went through my colour analysis in order to determine which colours suit me best and I now have a much better idea of which shapes suit my figure and what to avoid when shopping.

Jacqui’s warm and engaging personality made the whole experience fun and inspiring. I thoroughly recommend Souldresser to anyone looking to update their style!
Helen Wills

Helen Wills Director/Neverstop

My styling session with Jacqui came from a recommendation and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I have so many clothes but yet can never seem to find the right outfit. We spent the morning looking through my clothes and organising them into piles. From this Jacqui picked out items that could work together, based on style and colour which were suited for different occasions. This really helped to revitalise my wardrobe and create outfits that I hadn’t previously considered. Jacqui made the session really enjoyable and her advice was so valuable for my future purchase decisions. As a result I feel more confident in my style and would recommend her services to give your wardrobe a makeover!

Rachael Robertson CEO/Hoot Marketing

I hate shopping! Not many women would say that, but I truly do. My eldest brother is getting , married in August this year. The thought of shopping for a dress made me nervous. I spoke to Jacqui to help me find THE wedding outfit. I’ve recently lost 5 stone and not very confident in how I look. I met Jacqui and she really helped me find all different styles of dresses to try on. Some I would never have looked at once! Jacqui has also helped me what accessories to use to suit my outfit. I definitely feel better about clothes shopping now. It has made me think about wearing different styles. I’m actually looking forward to my next shopping trip

Samantha Enright Customer Relations Manager/Adobe

The Souldresser experience is wonderful thanks to Jacqui’s charming personality and practical thinking. Don’t think you’ll have to run out to the shops to buy a new wardrobe of clothes; instead just enjoy working through your what you’ve already got with the help of Jacqui’s stylish eye. Making the most of what you have already is very much the Souldresser ethos. Jacqui makes you feel confident, comfortable and ready to try some new twists on your existing collection. I even like the fact that some of the things I didn’t think I would ever use again can now be re-introduced because of Souldresser’s additional clothing customisation service. One of the best three hours I’ve spent this year!

Wendy Richmond Operations Director/One Capital