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Muslim Charities provides a directory of 'Muslim Charities' which are registered with the UK Charity Commission.

For Charities, ‘Good Governance’ is now at the top of the agenda, our mission is to promote and educate Muslim Charities on:

  • The Charity Commission
  • Good Governance
  • Registration as a Charity
  • Preperation of Governing Documents for becoming a Charity
  • Advice & Guidance for Non Registered Entities on the Benefits of Registering with the Charity Commission
  • Trustees and Trustee Responsibilities
  • Financial Management
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Events, Speakers and Communications – Managing the Risks
  • Fundraising Legally and Responsibly
  • Working in High Risk Areas
  • Inclusion of Women as Trustees and Directors of Charitable Trusts
  • Protecting the Publics Trust and Confidence in Your Charity
Muslim Charities will also endevour to harness social media and the power of the internet to counter extremist narratives, seperating religion which is based on righteousness, peace, respect and love for all Humanity with criminal barbaric activity.

Our mission is to create a proactive, accountable, transparent, and efficient Muslim charitable sector in the UK through sharing experience, ideas, cooperation and capacity building. Muslim Charities seek an approach which harnesses peace, tolerance, rule of law, social progress, justice and the dignity of all human beings regardless of race, religion, colour or creed for the benefit of all humanity.

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