Top Rated Best Drones under $100 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018

Today our major focus is to talk about top 10 low budget drones which can be bought for less than $100. Yes top 10 inexpensive drones under $100! As the matter of fact that you cannot get expectation from such models to show output or to perform like high end ones. But they have also unique features in their own models. As you do not want to spend a lot of money and looking for thrill and fun, following next 10 drones specifically best enough to satisfy you.

Note: If you do not find according to your wish on this page then no need to worry, I suggest you reading our article further you will be enjoyed. Just follow us as we are going to take you in the skies. But its time to find out the best drone under $100 you should buy :

Best  Drones Under $100

SYMA X5C1syma-x5c2MP60m8 min Check Price
SYMA X8Csyma-x8c-black2MP200m12 min Check Price
BLADE NANOBLADE-NANO-QX-1N/A100m7 min Check Price
Syma X5UWSyma-X5uw2MP100m8 min Check Price
JXD 509JXD509G-black1MP80m7 min Check Price
HOLY STONE F181holy-stone-f1812MP100m8 min Check Price
Tarantula X6tarantula-x6N/A100m10 min Check Price
UDI U845UDI-U845-12MP100m8 min Check Price
Hubsan X4hubsanx42MP100m8 min Check Price
UDI U818 HD+UDI-U818A2MP100m8 min Check Price

Top 10 drones under 100$

10. Syma X5C1Best Drones under $100

Syma X5C1 is actually the upgraded version of the X5C, the best and greatest Syma’s success, mostly Is called best and low budget drone.


It is ready-to-fly out of the box, as it is highly recommended cheap quadcopter and one of the most largely selling brands in the market. It is also used to transport lightweight objects as it gets enough power from 7×20 mm four motors when its camera is removed.It has a camera which is easily mountable and camera is 2MP, if camera you are not using during flight then it increases its flight time from 5 to 6 minutes. All this happens just because of the X5C1 using  battery power of 3.7V  500mAh available which is available to both maintain the quad copter and the camera. As the matter of fact that battery is not much powerful but it will be ok when you see the drones price tag, as Syma X5C1 is suitable for indoor and outdoor flights as well. This is what you are looking for inexpensive, affordable but still quality drone.

When you are going to have Syma X5C1 first flight, you will come to know that it is cheapest product with a camera. As it comes with prop guard in the box, that you can fly it indoors too. Using prop guard when you know how to fly this best drone, I would like to suggest you to remove prop guard, camera and land gear. In this way it increases its flight time and its motility will be much better. As I already said that many people are agree that Syma X5C1 is one of the best and cheapest drones with camera in the market.

9. SYMA X8CSYMA X8C drone

As Syma is well known and reputed brand in the market which is also known to us. Its previous models are proved to be best, top rated and gained high credibility in the market. Although its target is to focus on low end part of the market, Syma still have a great respect from the competition.


One of the most recently launched product is the Syma X8c quadcopter, it is become much worthy as it has a large quad aesthetically resembling the DJI Phantom.

Actually it is how particularly heavy quad copter, comes with 601g having battery and camera is also installed. In order to maintain all of its weight, X8C come with big propellers and uses a large 2S 2000mAh battery to power its brushed motors. And this power gives him a flight of duration of 12 minutes and flight distance up to 200 meters. it is as expected of a quadcopter that it is ultra stable, wind resistant and has durable shell. it Comes with a 2MP low performance camera, and it fliews better without it, a mobius or 808 camera is better instead.

In conclusion, Syma X8C is mind blowing and definitely a drone worth checking out, if you do not consider for specification but generally for decent performance, then must for rights as people will surely think that you are flying a Phantom, As it would not going to hurt anyone if you keep the reality that it is actually an inexpensive best drone for yourself.


Blade’s Nano drone is one of the best examples of such perfect drone needs to look like. Having such an outstanding and sleek design as bi-color, yellow/white scheme, as the matter of fact there is no doubt this mini friend proves to be very easy to carry and best ever!

The design of this drone is not showing all its features. If we are willing to find out its specific characteristics then we need to have a closer look on this BLADE NANO drone!

One of its best features is that it is SAFE technology, proved by its blade as well. SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope which helps overall stability and agility of this little NANO drone, fulfilling and ensuring it is best and safe to fly in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. if we talk about its flight time, then Blade Nano stands solid with almost 7 minutes. Keep it in your mind one thing that we are talking about a miniature drone. Its best characteristic is that the charge time is less than half an hour which is totally awesome!

Because of its size this drone got much popularity. But unfortunately, on the other hand it has got downside just because it has not a RTF model. But it’s BNF which stands for Bind and Fly. Its mean is you will have to get your own controller or transmitter and should bind it to the Nano. But for such people who have already BNF transmitter Nano will be best option for them. As the matter of fact it is totally fun for sure. Specifically, When you are paired up having FPV goggles which will provide massive boost engagement.


Syma X5UW is actually seems to be better quadcopters in this best price range. As the matter of fact that it is the latest drone on this list, Syma has announced this model just few weeks ago.

Just because of that, SYMA X5UW is promoted with best and “advanced” features like altitude hold, having feature of mobile app control and FPV. As the matter of fact this quadcopter is not proved to be one of the best, but whenever you get hang of it on a best or maximum yaw rate then it becomes very fast. Its motor provides big noise at high-rates but it cannot be big issue if you fly this quadcopter in the long run.

Because of its durable frame it should survive most of your crashes. The battery comes with this quadcopter or drone is “Phantom like”, you may look at its photos and you will glad to see what I want to say about this top rated brand in the market.

The matter of fact according to information that this is one of the most advanced batteries comes with these cheap or inexpensive drones. Battery capacity is 3.7V 500mAh and it must provide you with 6-10 minutes of flight time.

Syma X5UW works on control distance of 80 meters, as it is average rate and also similar to other drones at same best price range. This product advertised as both indoor and outdoor flyers, guides come with this drone says that for beginners’ indoor flights are strictly not advised until you become pro to fully control it. Trust me, I am saying from experience that we do not suggest indoor flights as it is not small drone.

Syma says that the drone we provided in the market is proved to be best drone at low-cost, do you agree with that? When you become pro using this drone I’ll suggest you to remove its guards and camera. In this way its weight will become less and low then you’ll have more flight time and best motility. If you want extra then you may remove landing gear as well. Look of drone becomes weird by removing prop guards and camera but it becomes worthy in some cases. You can try by yourself.

6. JXD 509WJXD 509W Drone

We reserved 6th place on our list of top 10 drones under $100 for JXD 509W drone. Actually this drone 509W has got popularity 509G because of its feature of Wi-Fi. This drone is made of ABS plastic and its propellers are as flexible as it works for 90 degree angle, during hitting and crashing it will not going to be bend and breaks easily.

I am not going to tell you that how much important this is , particularly for beginners. As they are not pro and much experienced to operate flying vehicles hence there is more than a couple of crashes during first a lot of test flights.

Fortunately, JXD 509W has capability to continue it. As it is also to be noted that it has a great professional look and come with best features as well as competitive specifications. All comes with a small price tag under $100! This quad copter covers the features of Altitude Holder, Headless Mode, One-Key Home Return, Automatic Landing, As the matter of fact that no one offers such features within this price range of under $100 list having useful features. FPV comes with it has best quality as well and it is greatly paired up with good controlling range and it is also said to be best drone with camera in this price.

JXD 509W drone comes with such great features and fun flights at the low cost possible. If you think that it is best drone under $100 then share your thoughts with us using the comment form below. Do you think? then share below in comment form.


HOLY STONE F181 is now-a-days proved to be the bestselling entry level drone on Amazon. Particularly this best drone has close to 2,000 reviews, almost every of them are incredibly positive ones. Truly saying, that the review rating is 4.5 stars which gives prove that how much excellent and best this mini drone is. So, what can you expect from little and fast product? Well, why should not we check out that real thrilling and fast drone!

Before we start its features, you will be glad to know that it sports Headless Mode, One Key Return to Home, One Key Flips and Altitude Holds. As technically is not a feature, but the extra batter you will have in this package is still a noteworthy add on.

Let us move further towards specifications, This F181 by Holy Stone ranks pretty cool as compare to other similar competitors in price list under Top $100. It can take flight up to 100 meters but depend on interference and also weather conditions (as the matter of fact you are searching for at max 80 day-to-day usage). If we talk about battery timing this drone has roughly 8 minutes of flight time and it is no doubt best in such price tag. Do you think that it is pretty awesome then give us feed back in our comment form thanks!

At last, now we would like to talk about its built-in camera. It comes up with 2MPX sensor that can do best shoot in HD resolution. But sensor is not light-friendly that means light is not going to be enough for your frames. But it cannot be an issue during the day, you may have problems during night shoots that you can forget about that its not a big matter.


Tarantula X16 is actually neat and sleek quadcopter with such specific design that what we want to see. As it comes without camera, but provides an option to buy a HD camera separately. The main feature of this drone under $100 is that it has enough power to lift up some random action such a GoPro and that’s why it is also said to be best GoPro drone under such a best price tag. Hence it is proved to be such powerful drone, Tarantula X6 actually used to be one of the best selling and fastest drone in 2015 you can say that was also used for racing.

There are many reasons of buying such drone. Firstly, you can have it and you can easily fix it by yourself (in many cases). Such a best feature of this drone that motors can be easily replaced any other than drone and any other large motors. Now you are a mini confused that why anyone will replace its motors. Answer is simple that RC motors can burn out sometimes specially in fastest racing drones.

Whenever it happens then you can do easily new order to get new motor from Amazon in few dollars and replace that by yourself. As there are a lot of videos related to how to replace motors? So you should no need to worry about that. The 7.4V 1200mAh Lipo battery gives this drone power to flight up to 10-12 minutes which is quite awesome.

If we talk about its range then I would like to tell you that Tarantula X6 has a control range from 80 to 100 meters. As it is very solid and best quality drone according to my opinion. It has proved to be the best drone under such price tag as it has got many “followers”, as the matter of fact there are a lot of groups on Facebook related to this best cheap drone where owners exchange their experiences and opinions.

3. UDI U845UDI U845 Drone

You may have a look for yourself, starting of this list is already and heavily dominated by Syma Drones. But down here, in the top 3 spots are actually 2 UDI ones having best and excellent characteristic. The worse of them is U845 as it is a rather unique looking drone.

When you have a look at this drone then you a specific technology will come to your mind and that is UFO. As it sports a centerpiece and around which you can found a total of 6 propellers (As a matter of fact, yes this drone is said to be the hexacopter but not a quad) overwhelmed by durable frame. As it does not count in the fastest racing drone but it is proved to be a powerful drone.

This UFO looking drone sports HD 2MPX camera as it comes with FPV support. As it always a huge plus, particularly for such people who are looking to take their drone pilot fun to the best level. In terms of battery life, it may roughly utilize up to 8 minutes, after having fun you will have to take a break for 2-hours for the battery to recharge and also to give break to the drone motor.

When we talk about UFO shape drone features, UDI U845 drone sports with the technology of headless mode, it has function of FPV and 360 flips with one key press works. The best feature of this UFO shaped drone is it comes with LCD monitor on controller as it works like a fascination. But unfortunately, it does not come with such batteries that can be recharged-Works with 4 AAA batteries with a charger which no doubt specifically reduce your expense in order to use for long term.


Hubsan X4 is actually proved to be one of the top rated cheapest and have best performance small quadcopter you can get at the moment. Most people give reviews that this is the best inexpensive technology having LCD monitor on controller that functions amazingly, would you like to agree? Well, as the matter of fact if it is not the best one but it is definitely best one among them! Let us check this and see what features it is offering under top list of $100.

This drone sports not only 100 meter range distance but it also comes with a 2MP mountable camera (which is best any other low-cost quadcopter in such size). You may say remarkable for such affordable micro quadcopters. Accordingly, this drone has a great flight time of 6-8 minutes, its battery got charged in only 30 minutes using 3.7V 380mAh battery.

Its battery is built-in and its camera is not removable. It will be best for indoor flights and you may take in the park when there is no windy weather. LED light placed on drone and its painted propellers make it easy to find position of drone when it got flight in the air. Its camera and FPV quality is simply awesome as compare to other drones in such best price tag.

This Husban X4 got extra attention and well known because of its 4.3 inch screen for monitor on transmitter. Its FPV range is quite best around 50-100 meters as it is best for beginners out there. After all, I believe that you are totally agree with me if I say that this is one of the best cheapest drone among in this list under $100 on the market.

1. UDI U818 HD+   –> BEST CHEAP DRONE?UDI U818 HD+ Drone

And at last, meet UDI U818 HD+drone. This drone has got everything as it need to be on top of the chain under $100.with its prop guards it is very easily to handle and it is very durable, reliable as its entire frame make it sure that it is totally crash resistant and durable. Let us take a close look at UDI U818 HD+ drone that what it offers further in its features and technology.

Let have a look on its mini fella features! This cheap drone sports one key 360 flips and headless mode that grasp the attention on each and everyone. As unfortunately it has lack of only Low Battery Alarm and LED Lights. But this is almost compensated with more than solid best HD camera.

UDI U818HD+ has such great functionality that it records in HD at 30 frames per second. In my opinion it is the best drone camera option in this price range. But there is still no stabilization which cause the reason of annoying jelly effect from time to time. All in all, UDI U818 HD+ is best entry-level best model, already enabled with the feature of delivering ton of fun for everyone playing with it.

Best Drones Separator


The answer is totally in the side of beginners, but what you think is it really so? Well, this is proved to be true to some extent for those people who are going to adopt such cheap drones under $100 as a hobby like photography, fastest flying drones for racing, follow me drones etc. As I remember each and every scene of my first drone Traxxaas which I destroyed in some days or a week during learning the control flight.

My interest as at its peak level or you may say too big in beginner’s mode, therefore the combination of my very much interest and drone’s speed which was no doubt incredibly fast gone to destruction of my drone so I bought another drone after just in a week.

My second answer will be for children! You do not need to buy a expensive drone like $1k for your kids to play with. As it means that practically you are going to throw your all money in the garbage. As the matter of fact that they do not know that how to use drone and control them in a correct way and they may broke them in a very short time. It’s just like to buying and giving a crane to a man who even don’t know how to operate it.

Best Drones Separator


Whenever you are going to buy such a cheap or inexpensive drone, you should also have realistic expectations (As we are here to talk about cheap drones but be same if you buy another gadget virtually in the market). Before buying if you set too many expectations from such cheap drones than you may destroy your complete drone flying experience. And on the other hand if you expect do not much then you will be surprised with a lot of fun. May be you will be going to buy another best cheap drone!

Actually drone industry is growing incredibly fast, as new low cost best budgeted drones are available in the market with such great features. Hence it has become very easy to buy a cheap drone now-a-days, So, we are going to talk about best budget drones that can be yours under or drones less than $100.

Most of the people first adopt drones as toys then that leads to flying professional quadcopters, and very soon everyone will have his own quadcopter as this technology is going to be adopted by the world like new useful and fun technology from toys to professional quad flyers. In order to help you find out the best inexpensive drones for your needs and budget, we have made a list of top 10 drones under $100 that you may have online.

Have Fun!


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