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Dog Obedience Problems Solved

  • Jumping

    Why do dogs jump? Do you come home or have friends and visitors come over and your dog jumps all over you and them, learn the secrets on how to solve this problem.

  • Pulling on lead

    Walking your dog should be easy and relaxing. You shouldn’t be pulled down the street,
    resulting in sore arms and shoulders. Your dog will learn how to walk correctly and easily.

  • Chewing

    Does your home and back yard look like a battle zone, does your dog chew the furniture, outdoor deck, patio, plants, trees, clothing and shoes. Learn why dogs chew and how to solve this problem.

  • Setting of limit areas

    Do you want an area, that you don’t want your dog to go to. We show you how to do it.

  • Reducing stress and separation anxiety

    Is your dog a bundle of nerves, does your dog destroy the house or bark constantly when you’re not home. Find out how to reduce stress and separation anxiety in your dog.

  • Pulling clothes off the line

    Are you hanging clothes on the clothes line, only to come back out and find them on the ground dirty or worst, chewed up.

  • Not coming when called

    Does your dog not want to know you when off the lead, does your dog make you chase him or her around whilst off the lead. We show and teach your dog how to come when called.

  • Excessive barking

    Your dog barks constantly. We show and teach your dog how to treat this annoying problem.

  • Aggressive behaviour

    Is your dog aggressive. We work with you and your dog to stop the aggressive behaviour.

  • Scratching and whining at back door

    Is your back door ruined from scratching and does your dog whine constantly for you. Learn how to solve this problem.

  • Along with many others

    Your dog is now a best friend, happy confident, controlled and a pleasure to have. You will be the envy of your neighbours and friends. The problems of old are no longer. Imagine the smile on your face.

  • In-House Training & Boarding

    14 days of premium Training and Boarding. Your dog will be able to on a lead walk correctly, sit, drop, stay and come. Problems are solved.

  • Private Lessons

    One on one lessons at our complex or training facilities. We teach you and your dog how to solve specific problems.

  • Walking & Jumping

    Does your dog pull on the lead and jump on you, family and friends. This 3 day course gets your dog to walk correctly on a loose lead and stop jumping.

  • Group Lessons

    Puppy classes are coming soon.

  • Puppy Classes

    Puppy classes are coming soon.

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