Dr. David Tomberlin

Senior International Leader of A.M.N.I.

The senior apostolic leader of A.M.N.I. is Dr. David Tomberlin. Dr. David has traveled to 64 nations and for more than two decades now has led revivals, conferences, mission trips and church meetings. He has been on every major Christian television network including DayStar, God TV and TBN. Dr. David is also a double graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. David has had the privilege of being interviewed by, ministering with or associating with Dr. David Yonggi Cho, Oral Roberts, Sid Roth, Joshua Mills, C. Peter Wagner, John Paul Jackson, Tommy Tenney, John Arnott, and Mel Tari- author of Like a Mighty Wind. David was honored to be an author on a compilation book along with Bill Johnson and Randy Clark, titled Amazed by the Power of God, published by Destiny Image. His desire is to see A.M.N.I. grow into a great force for the Kingdom, that Jesus may receive the Glory due His wonderful name.


Pastor Kyle Blackerby

A.M.N.I. United States National Director

Kyle Blackerby is a church planting Apostle, Pastor, International Speaker, Revivalist and Author. Since Kyle’s radical conversion, he has dedicated his life to the Lord Jesus Christ for the work of the ministry. Kyle is also the Senior Pastor of Catch The Fire Church, a fast-growing church plant in rural Illinois. WIth extended revival meetings for over a year now, God is truly pouring out His Spirit at CTFC! Along with Pastoring, Kyle has travelled across many states in the USA, as a conference speaker and preaching revival services. He is bridging the gap between Spirit-filled churches and main line denominational churches. Pastor Kyle has traveled many nations operates in the word of knowledge, the gift of faith, and the working of miracles, with a special annointing to see people get filled with the Holy Spirit and the gifts of God released in their life. Pastor Kyle is married to his beautiful wife, Heather. They have two amazing children together, Konner and MacKenzie. Together, the Blackerby Family is taking ground for the Kingdom of God.


Mel Tari

Apostolic Counsil and Advisory Board Member

Mel Tari is a world-wide apostolic figure who wrote the book, "Like a Mighty Wind". This book has gone around the world and chronicled the countless miracles and history making move of the Holy Spirit in Timor, Indonesia. Brother Mel was the best man in Hiedi and Rolland Baker's wedding and is credited with getting them plugged into ministry right after their wedding! During the revival many unusual signs and wonders took place including walking on water, toungues of fire and people being raised from the dead, the wonderful part is the fruit of the Timor revival is still manifesting today with many still coming to the Lord. With more than 5 decades of ministry Brother Mel brings a father's heart and wisdom to our leadership that is needed now more than ever.


Apostle, Dr. Rick Joyner

Mel Tari - Apostolic Counsil and Advisory Board Member

Dr. Joyner is the author of the Final Quest and the senior leader of the Morning Star movement. Dr. Joyner has been a generational leader impacting the United States and the Body of Christ world wide for his generation and those that follow. His humility and servants heart is only matched by his wisdom love for people. He has helped many unknown people who have struggled alongs faith's path, as well as been a major influence in the area of politics and entertainment in the USA. Dr. Joyner is an acomplished scholar, church leader, husband and father. We are honored to have him on our advisor board and Apostolic Council.