Best Drones under $200 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018

Let me tell you one thing that if you are going to buy an entry level drone under 200 dollars then first thing you should need to know that you must no need to set your high expectations from such sort of drones. As the matter of fact that these drones are affordable, no doubt and it is obvious so need to know that you are not going for premium models hence you will also not get premium performance from such drones. By keeping all of such stuff we have made a small list that you may expect from best drones under $200.


In such price range you are searching to approx 100 meters high. But if you will spend close to $200 or a little above from such price range, then the operating range can be boost and reach 500 meters and also more in some cases.
Truly saying that these drones come with really decent full HD or HD cameras, But you cannot expect proper breathtaking aerial photography shots without proper stabilization what you have seen from DJI drones. And today we are going to have best camera drones under $200 !
If you are considering such fact of premium models that offers between 25 and 30 minutes of flight time, but I would like to tell you that it is totally safe that these best cheap drones are nowhere near them. As its battery duration provides flight time of 7 to 12 minutes. In order to get extra fun you must have extra batteries!!!

Best Drones Under $200

MJX Bugs 3mjx-bugs-3-blueGoPro300m15 min Check Price
UDI U818PlusDrocon-U818Plus2MP150m15 min Check Price
Force1 F100force1-f100-droneGoPro250m12 min Check Price
Altair AA108altair-aa108720p100m10 min Check Price
Contixo F6contixo-f6-drone720p50m16 min Check Price
Holy Stone HS300Holy-Stone-HS3005MP150m10 min Check Price
Traxxas Aliastraxxas-alias droneN/A50m6 min Check Price
UDI U818AUDI-U818A drone0.5MP70m7 min Check Price
Hubsan H107Dhubsanx4480p50m7 min Check Price
Holy Stone F181holystone f1810.5MP60m8 min Check Price

best drone under 200

1. MJX BUGS 3 – BEST DRONE UNDER $200?best drones under $200

MJX Bugs 3 Blue Edition is proved to be eye catching drone from the consumers among many of its models. Actually I am telling you about such great entry level drone model which offer you a lot of fun, and providing you similar fun in such a fraction of cost you’d pay with a reliable drone flight experience.

As a matter of fact, MJX Bugs 3 is not only proved to be a best drone for beginners but also has powerful eye-candy that looks good under the hood that justifies its price tag.

As far as the camera is concerned, unfortunately it comes with lack of camera. And it still does not mean that you are totally bound on to a single camera in your whole life span with your drone. Let me inform you one great thing that MJX Bugs 3 supports not only GoPro cameras but it also virtually sports all other action camera as well, I just like to say that its lack of camera point is actually a plus.

Move forward to its specification, here you will be notified that how things are going to stand for MJX Bugs 3. It provides you up to 15 minutes of flight time and it comes with 7.4V 1800mAh 25C Lipo battery but it becomes more efficient If you are flying without a camera. It ranges up to 300 meters as no doubt it is delightful at this price tag. The happiest phase of this drone is that it does not tale much time to get full charge. So that’s why I would like to recommend this as one of the top drones under $200!

2. UDI U818PLUSUDI U818PLUS drones

If we look in the market then you can have a lot of option about toy grade drones but no doubt that UDI make the best ones. Its best example which is introduced i.e. U818plus comes with a great improved experience as compare to standard model

As far as the look is concerned is seems to be sleeker too, in simple words it just attract you to purchase this drone in such affordable price tag. But I do not think that this is going to be good deal if it does not provide best performance. But luckily, UDI U818Plus amazed us with raw hidden power inside that sleek body…


As far as features are concerned then let me tell you that this drone comes with a camera that is massively upgraded from the standard version. Besides for a VGA sensor, we are going to have such one camera that can record in HD with 2MPX and also support for FPV live stream… as it is proved to be the best entry-level drones in cameras… as it is obvious a fact. Fortunately, you can also have some extra functionality and also expect more with this little friend. As it also comes with the functionality of Headless Mode (have closer look on headless mode drones), one button landing and takeoff, Altitude Hold. Don’t you think that it offers good features? Don’t you agree with that?


Moving forward to specification, As UDI U818 plus comes and offers with unparallel flight time. If we are going to be focused more here, you can have fun of from 10 all the way to 15 minutes of flight time or airtime even on a single charge. All credit goes to its powerful battery along with remarkable coreless brushed motors and because of that you will have great power efficiency as compare to traditional models. And yes no doubt, its operating range goes up to 150 meters as it is not actually half bad and there is no need to mind as I noticed this.  Hence we have discussed almost everything about this little best dronie or birdie, as the matter of fact it doesn’t have even a single downside.

3. FORCE1 F100FORCE1 F100 drone

If you are in search to start your professional career as a aerial photographer, then this must be your first priority or your first choice. This drone model F100 manufactured by Force 1, and no doubt relatively unknown drone name in the drone’s history. But due to its flight uniqueness and durability make this great entry-level aerial photography drone. In addition to hardware which is housed inside. As I already mentioned that to those who want to be aerial photographers, this would be their first drone, as Force F100 looks like a no brainer!


As far as the camera is specifically concerned with drone, you will be disappointed that Force 1 F100 does not come with camera. But question arises that how could it be the best aerial entry level drone without a camera? What are actually fun starts here? You can check that Force F100 offers specialized camera mount that can easily fit all types of action camera brands. Most of comes with the feature of electronic image stabilization on board which shows wonders and provide smoothness to your aerial footages.

As we are talking about its features so let me tell you that you first need to know that this drone is powered by potent brushless motors as that are more durable and quieter than their brushed counterparts. And on the other hand, this also sports one key 3D flip functions as it become handy for show off to your brand new drone to all friends.


This drone is going to give you feel like special treat if you are truly lover of long flying drones. Why? Fine, as the matter of fact, that it has a good or huge operating range. Yes we are going to know up to 250 meters away range from the controller provided with drone. Sounds good huh? No doubt that it is also known for good battery as well-as you can have great flight time around 10 to 15 minutes (but proved to be 12 minutes on average). Last but not least, your F100 provide you an action camera for recording or photography purposes.

4. ALTAIR AA108Altair-AA108 drone

In top 3 drones which you can buy under $200 is definitely the Altair AA108 drone. As we are talking about brand-new drone that is just released out, what will you expect from this great priced drone and what can this do? is this drone ideal for beginners? Does it provide great value for money? All of these answers you will come to know in following paragraphs.

Move further to its specification, Altair AA108 sports a wide angle camera offers 120 degree that make this drone capable of recording HD aerial footage… as it performs pretty good. Regardless of not having hardware image stabilization, but it produces footages with little to no shakiness concerned. And you will be amazed after getting to know that this drone get more power through those miniature brushed motors.

You must operate them properly in order to get long time relation as it does not come with such durability as brushless motors drones come. I mean to say that you must always disarm the drone i.e. throttle on 0, immediately after crash. Last but not least, let me conclude with its battery that Altair AA108 is powered by a 1S Lipo battery which provides backup time of up to 10 minutes of flight time.

Move further to its range then let me make you clear that Altair AA108 can reach up to 100 meters. Well you will be amazed to know that its FPV works according to its operating range so you will not face black screen on your smartphone after passing range limit. Moving further, Altair AA108 is actually stable too, even first-time fliers can control it easily without any issues. As the matter of fact, it comes with Altitude Hold, OOR (out of range) alarm and even one button takeoff/landing which are proved to be handier than any other!

5. CONTIXO F6contixo-f6-drone

First, thanks to their decent array of entry level drone as Contixo is also proved to be a well-known drone brand in the market. As it offers a good dose of latest technology and innovation in dirt-cheap prices, and yes you should not to be surprised to see this drone under $100 list.

Contixo F6 as it title implies I would like to refer this, this small drone comes with solid camera and sturdy frame. In case of money you can have good package even with various accessories… but for now, we will focus on its camera and its features!


It’s rotating camera work from the front with miniature sensor capable of recording in 720p. and yes you cannot get integrated stabilization. Hence that’s why you will suffer form nasty jello effect. But no anything very important to ruin your experience. And let me clear that unhappily, Contixo F6 does not come with many features. And yes no doubt it is not a smart drone. But it is nicely balanced with Altitude Hold and also one key 3D flips which will definitely surprise new users.

Besides this, you may get a lot of accessories and spare parts with packaging, having propeller guards, spare propellers and even with extra battery which will make your flight time double!

The main downside of this drone that its application is not actually refined to great level. e.g. its camera is actually blocked in just little viewpoint. Other than that I would like to say that Contixo F6 is a worthy entry-level drone that will not going to put much strain on your budget.


As far as its specification is concerned, then let me tell you that this little birdie shines the best. When you purchase a drone less than $200 and that can basically fly more than half an hour per session or per charge. But one thing that you should remember! As it comes with 2 powerful batteries i.e. 2S 2300mAh no doubt very powerful, each will provide you 15 to 18 minutes of flight time. Yes you will not get ashamed because of its operating range because it ranges up to roughly 300 meters. and you will be amazed after this news that this miniature 720p camera supports FPV and VR both using its dedicated application as its FPV distance goes up to 30 meters.

One more thing which increases its sale that for purchasing Contixo F6 they offer 1-year US based manufacturer’s warranty and customer support team that provide help 24/7 through well-trained staff.

6. HOLY STONE HS300Holy-Stone-HS300 drone

Now we have another model of Holy Stone that is HS300 after its model Holy Stone F181 as it also got fame and remained on top spot. This model is a little bit more bulky than its previous model and greatly fits within $200 price range. As the matter of fact, it is such a great drone comes with decent hardware and all in all comes with excellent camera. Having 5MP sensor which can easily record 1080p videos at 30fps (frames per second).

You will enjoy of great panoramic aerial shots as it offers with 120’ wide angle lens. Actually what I am trying to say here that Holy Stone HS300 actually made of a cheap for aerial photography platform.

As far as its features are concerned, HS300 sports automatic altitude hold, emergency stop and one key return. And very great feature of this drone that it comes with controllable LED lights i.e. red and green and also with adjustable speed levels.  As its quality not very grungy and let me tell you one thing that it is not going to break very easily because of its prop guards.

Have a closer look at its specifications, HS300 works on powerful 7.4V 200mAh Lipo battery which make it capable to remain in the air for approximately 8-12 minutes, but also it depends on interference of nearby buildings and resistances. Its control range combines that 150 meters and no doubt Holy Stone HS300 seems to be at third spot in this list.

7. TRAXXAS 6608 ALIASTraxxas-6608 drone

You must have a look on this drone if you are going to buy a drone for your children. Yes Traxxas made, proved to be a well known drone and also in RC cars industry as well. It got great fame in RC cars industry models in recent times, So Traxxas decided to broaden its vision and kick things off with drones.

Now we are going to have a look at their cheapest ones-and that is Traxxas 6608 AKA Alias, as the matter of fact it is easy to fly. And obviously this feature makes it suitable for children including of all ages and it is proved to be the best gift even also for birthday present.

It offers wide variety of skins but I like red and black most, Traxxas Alias comes with bright LEDs for night flight. As it flies on miniature 650mAh Lipo battery by which it remain in the air for up to 6-7 minutes. And let us talk about its flight range as it goes just 50 meters away from its controller before cut off signal connection. So always keep it in your mind as you do not want to lose your precious drone even in the very first flight.

Let me tell you one thing at last that this miniature drone does not come with camera. But if you want one and greatly then you can have or purchase a camera that is built for Traxxas 6660. And it will also work with Alias and also provide you nice aerial videos and photography. Here the question arise that why? Just because Alias is actually extremely stable and easy to control over, as provides you full control at all times to take great aerial selfie.

8. UDI U818AUDI-U818A-Plus drone

UDI U818A drone has made its name in the market very the short time. And in the result of that fame it got decent sales which had a pinnacle 60 days ago. Best ever thing which is obvious praising is definitely its build quality.

Its body remains uniform because of its 360-degree prop guards which stretch out from the centerpiece. This feature gives you great and ultimate safety and provides you a worry free experience. Besides that, this UDI U818A has got few more best things to show you! So let us have a close look.

As the matter of fact, that this UDI U818A does not support a lot of features but it is the follower of a sentence “quality over quantity”. If we talk about in addition of the headless mode, this little dronie sports custom flight mapping. It also works in such a way like so waypoint mode but it is not clearly polished. But still, it is proved to be the part of proper refreshment like this in low end part of drones’ market.

9. HUBSAN H107DHubsan_H107D drone

This Hubsan’s model got superiority by introducing this in this price range. Hubsan X4 H107D drone is such drone that can be easily got in the price of $50 higher and still offer great value for money. I like the most thing about it that is provides controller having 4.3 inch display for FPV monitoring.

Its controller is obvious very sensitive that accurately control drone without any worry of input lag. As the matter of fact this is actually one of the best FPV drones under $200. Do you think that Hubsan H107D offers only this? No dear!

As far as the specification is concerned, Hubsan H107D stood pretty good at all times. It ranges up to 80-meter mark. And it comes with the battery of 3.7V 380mAh Lipo battery, as it performs very well. Moving forward, Hubsan H107D’s battery provides roughly 7 minutes of real flight time as it is good in this price tag.

Before conclude this, its 480p camera deserves some golden words. But using this camera does not provide good videos/photos, as it comes with FPV which is actually equally important. And yes you can expect FPV to provide best performance for up to 80 meters as well, but as the matter of fact interference usually occurs when it goes to reach 50 meter. But if you want to have fun with decent drone and do not want to spend lot of money then Hubsan H107D should be your go-to option.

10. HOLY STONE F181holy-stone-f181drone

As the matter of fact that Holy Stone F181 is such a popular drone as it got 2,000 unique reviews on Amazon. On the other hand these reviews show sometimes different picture from reality, but when we talk about this model it is no doubt got this spot. No doubt, Holy Stone is proved to be a great drone which delivers good value for money!

You will be surprised no doubt when you take a look at its price and also on its specification. Because Holy Stone F181 provide you flight time of up to 8 minutes and travel as far as to the range of 60-70 meters (but you can have fun up to 100 meters in fully open and clear area). Actually this is the main reason that most people praise it all time just because of its spectacular specifications. On the other hand, this is one of the best selling drones under $100

As far as we are not only concerned with the specification but also with design, As Holy Stone F181 comes with great design and durable body. This drone is not going to break on first crash. Because its prop guards combined with heavy frame+body provides you great reliability and does not allow this dronie to break in few crashes.  Let me conclude, if you want to have best bang for your bucks, then no need to look at any other models than Holy Stone F181 – you will enjoy!


XIRO XPLORERxiro-xplorer-v drone

As title is self explanatory that this drone costs actually above slightly two hundred drones. As the matter of fact, this drones offers a lot of advanced features that are definitely better than any other models on the list mentioned above. This sort of drones I believe worth mentioning and worth checking out.

Firstly, let me tell you that this XIRO Xplorer drone you can say this bad boy come in 3 versions, standard G and V. when you buy standard V then it comes only drone as it is cheapest. G version offers dedicated gimbal but V comes with both gimbal and a full HD camera to have fun in decent aerial photography. Let me tell you more about XIRO Xplorer in the following. So continue reading!

This is actually a RTF model that offers all such things that you really need to fly it straight getting out of the box (same like all other drones on this list). As far as its design is concerned it sports an X-shaped frame and a solid or sturdy body that is become capable to have quite beating. But it does not come with prop guards, but suits nicely and does not suffer from any sort of damage but you should take care from high speed direct hit against concrete wall or something like that.

XIRO Xplorer works on a 5,200 mAh Lipo battery which provide you roughly 25 minutes of flight time, but you can expect almost in every area from 18 to 22. If we talk about its operating range, XIRO Xplorer ranks simply awesome as compare to all others of its competitors. As far as controlling is concerned then with FPV live stream and seamless controlling works up to 600 meters, all of this sort of features make pretty clear why XIRO Xplorer made it onto this list.

HUBSAN H501Shubsan-h501s

As the matter of fact, H501S is newest drone from Hubsan and it got popularity


in the market. Indeed, in the market it was one of the best selling drones last month. It provide backup time of up to 15-18 minutes as it come with 7.4V 2700mAh battery. It provides extremely good result in such a great price range. But it does not only provide such things, Hubsan offers us nice features like Follow me mode, Auto take off/landing, Altitude Hold, GPS, headless mode and FPV camera. And special thanks to GPS function that provides Return to home that really feels like a charm.

Moving forward towards photography features and hardware, H501S comes with 1080p HD built in camera which are unable to move. It offers 4.3” LCD display on your RC controller that provides Live Feed from camera which is automatically transmitted to your controller. Actually this is no doubt very good camera and much better than other cameras on this list but I am not comparing this to GoPro cameras. Its control range goes up to around 300 meters that are above average in this price tag. You can say that it is best live streaming drone!


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As we talked much about drones but you should be familiar with short abbreviations. E.g. VR, BNF, RTF, FPV and all which should be keep in your mind while purchasing a drone. But question arises that what does these abbreviation means? Yes let us have a close look!

RTF stands for Ready to Fly and it offers with all such necessary parts and it can be operated straight out of its box. But in some cases you will need to purchase some extra batteries but it occurs in rear cases for the controllers. On the other hand, if you are going to RTF drone’s name then it means you would not need any DIY skills in order to have a flight.

Let me talk about a little on BNF as it stands for Bind and Fly. BNF drones are actually require a bit setting or tampering in order to set up properly. And yes one thing you will observe when you will purchase a BNF drone that you will not be offered a dedicated controller. Let me make it clear that you will have to buy your own controller and get set ready with your drone in order to work it properly.

FPV stands for First Person View and this sort of drones provide you such a best experience of specifically great drone flight even through live feed. However, you will be experiencing FPV through dedicated display on your controller, tablet app/ smartphone or through FPV Goggles. In this way you will be sure get a great drastically improved experience. Beside this, non FPV drones as their name is self explanatory having lack of FPV features that means you are not going to have fun and action straight from the cockpit. I would like to suggest you to keep on reading to find out what is the best FPV dronie under $200.

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PERK FOR YOU: BUY EXTRA BATTERIES!Extra Batteries for drones

When you talk about premium model drones then you will hear such advice from most of the people, but it becomes also useful for cheaper models too. Think for a while when you at last get your drone and fly it almost couple of minutes then you will have to stop off 2-hour before you will be able to fly it again. Yes it is 100 percent true that such cheap drones get long time to get fully charge and it goes beyond one and even two hours. So that’s why we must have some extra batteries that is an obvious way normally. But as the matter of fact it normally depends from model to model, sometimes that are relatively cheap and becomes worthy investment for long term.

However, by keeping all that stuff in your mind come on! Jump to actual “best drone under $200” list and let’s check what they offer in their store for us.

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I would definitely give answer is yes! In fact there is no other answer than this. As the matter of fact that drones under $200 are proved to be best for both beginners and children. Additionally, spare parts are actually easy to find online stores in case of something wrong. Almost every drone is easy to fly as doing first drone piloting.

Consider a situation that you receive your $1000 drone. And you are happy, thrilled and eager to get that off in the air to have fun. But you are being a excited man didn’t read instructions that came with that drone and you charged that up and turn that On before flying off or taking off. After couple of seconds when your garage has passed, and at a sudden you find yourself in a no u-turn situation and your drone is heading towards wall without knowing how to make a sharp turn… then crash… your $1000 dollar drone investment crashed into the wall and you will face a big tech trash.

To avoid such happenings, I suggest you options for a cheaper alternative for your first drone. You should not become harsh as you are, don’t be a victim of insult when you are a beginner. As the matter of fact drone models worth of $1000 actually come with plethora of additional features that you mostly do not know how to use them properly. In addition to that, cheaper drones proved to be best fun provider and entertaining to you and also to your family in such a solid amount of time. Want to know that what’s the best drone with camera under 200? Then keep focused!


By keeping 12 models of best drones behind, actually I am a little afraid to inform you that you have already reached at the end of the article. As you can have a closer look that 10 of them were in the range of drones under $200 as the most affordable options. But these two drones are also worth mentioning. No doubt that they are not crossing the $200 mark by a lot, but must offer drastic improvements and better overall experience.

In the last, I am thankful to you for reading! If you have any thing or you want to share with us then please there is no need to hesitate, leave us a comment down below! That will be appreciated.

Have Fun! Keep Piloting…


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