Wasp Removal Toronto

Photograph of a wasp on white background. Wasp, bees, hornets, and yellow jackets are a common Toronto pest in the summer months. We provide reliable pesticide free solutions for removing nests across the GTA.

Wasps and bees can sting if they feel threatened. This can often become a serious problem as in some cases allergic reactions can be life threatening. Most of the time we are not even aware that we are allergic to bees until it is too late. Call: 647-496-4475

Having a bee or wasp nest on your premises can lead to several problems. It can jeopardize the health of your family, or your employees. If you have observed a bee or wasp nest call us for removal.

We provide wasp and bee removal and control services across the GTA. We provide reliable solutions that offer lasting protection against bees and wasps. Our technicians work hard to leave every customer happy with our service.

We work seven days a week, and are here to tackle even the most challenging wasp problem. You can call us or use the contact form on the top of the page to talk to a technician.

We provide wasp removal services to both residential and commercial clients. Unfortunately, if the bees nest is on city property, then it is up to the city to provide a solution.

Exterminating Wasps

wasp-controlWasps can be perceived as threat by most people. While they are natural exterminators as they can help eliminate other insects, they can pose dangers. While nests in general should not be disturbuded, if it is found near an earea frequnted by people it is best to have a professional deal with the nest. Wasp nests become dormant during the winter months. They are most active during the summer.

Garbage, food scraps and composts attract wasps and bees. You need to cover all open containers to prevent these insects from coming to your property in the first place. Doing so can help in keeping other pests and urban wildlife at bay. If you have found a bee or wasp nest it is important not to try to remove it on your own. Both bees and wasps will attack if their nests are disturbed. And when they do they will attack in strength. That could result in receiving multiple bites at once. It is best left to a professional exterminator that has the experience and know-how. We use fumigants and other methods in making sure any risks are mitigated. We can ensure that the wasps will not return.


wasp-nest-removalPrior to winter, the queen wasp mates and finds a appropriate location to overwinter (ex. rotting stumps). The queen is the only among the colony to survive the winter. When spring finally arrives, the queen begins feeding, comes out of dormancy and looks for a nest location to start her new colony. The nest is constructed using material collected from rotting wood and other fibers combined with natural organic material generated by the insects. Each nest can contain thousands of cell constructed over time. Adults wasps emerge from the cases about three weeks after. Sterile female workers, the first adults to appear, take over all the obligations of-the queen. The sole duty of the queen would be to procreate, as a colony becomes bigger. Consequently, the colony may get very big by late summer.
Wasp stings often happen when individuals or creatures disturb wasps while they’re looking for food or shielding the nest. When unprovoked wasps bees or yellow jackets may also attack people or animals.

We are equipped with appropriate wasp protection and the most powerful extermination products available for wasp removal Toronto. Call: 647-496-4475