A word about my upcoming cross-country tour

I wanted to take a moment to clear up some of the confusion surrounding my upcoming cross-country tour, during which I will meet with hundreds of regular Canadians to discuss the future of our economy.

Some of my critics have described this as yet another Justin Trudeau ‘photo-op,’ a cheap stunt that has more to do with optics than the concerns of regular Canadians. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This tour is about reconnecting with honest, regular, hardworking Canadians, and learning about what our government can do to ease their burden.

I truly believe that if you want to know how people are feeling, you have to go where regular people live. Places like coffee shops and church basements, mosques and synagogues. Farmer’s markets. Public parks. Bus stops. Community centres, pubs and bars. Sandwich shops. Subway cars, ice skating rinks and banks. Bike repair stores. Shopping malls. Apartment buildings. Town hall. The mayor’s office. Wine stores and sidewalks. Universities and gyms. Schoolyards. Hallways. Parking lots, carnivals and smaller towns. Bingo halls. The Legion. Diners. Forests and hiking trails. Escalators and elevated walkways. In front of the computer. Living rooms. Showrooms. Pedestrian bridges. Bakeries. Cow-sheds. Internet cafes. Granaries. Supermarkets. Stables. Warehouses. Meeting houses. Mosques. Condominiums. Parking garages. Libraries. Blockhouses. Schools. Consulates. Farmhouses. Root cellars. Gas stations. Greenhouses. Hotels. Haylofts. Citadels. Suraus. Boarding schools. Amphitheaters. Pigpens. Colleges. Concert halls. Industrial buildings. Markets. Storage silos. Arsenals. Storm cellars. Well houses. Dormitories. Gurdwaras. Duplexes. Townhouses. Embassies. Churches. Foundries. Boathouses. Pagodas. Mihrabs. Hospitals. Car washes. Prisons. Moot halls. Fire stations. Hindu temples. Villas. Monasteries. Hangars. Chicken coops. Fortress. Cinemas. Post offices. Wineries. Castles. Taxi stations. Bungalows. Duomos. Archives. Lighthouses. Silos. Chapels. Igloos. Convention centers. Huts. Skyscrapers. Art galleries. Opera houses. Automobile repair shops. Breweries. Theaters. Temples. Mills. Sheds. Factories. Power plants. Police stations. Bus stations. Military buildings. Residential buildings. Palaces. Shrines. Basilicas. Museums. Religious buildings. Forums. Restaurants. Synagogues. Garages. Courthouses. Airport terminals. Bunkers. Parliaments. Barnyards. Martyriums. Barracks. Signal boxes. Asylums. Cathedrals. Apartment blocks. Nursing homes.

That’s where real Canadians live and work. And that’s where I intend to meet with them during my upcoming cross-country tour. I invite anyone who is interested in the future of our country to join me.

Thank you. ♦