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My family history includes my four grandparents and some associated families. 

  emigrated  from Nottingham, England, c.1830, traveled through NYS and Ohio finally settling in
Michigan, USA 2 years prior to statehood.  My branch came to Toronto c.1900.

     immigrated to Ontario, Canada, c.1830, from Cornwall, England and they settled mainly in Durham Co.

     originally from Wales, settled for about 200 years in co. Cork, Ireland and then some immigrated to
Ontario, Canada, c.1850

      emigrated from co. Cavan, Ireland, c. 1828 &1832, and the first major settlement was in
Durham Co, Ontario, Canada. 

** All this is a work in progress -constantly changing **

     Clicking on the names above will take you to the Early History of the family and from there you can link to the  'Dossier',  'Related Families' are linked,  and  'Obituary'  pages.  There are many related families that I have included, whether by blood or marriage, in order to help fellow researchers.  These pages may change in the future so, please bookmark this page if you are expecting to return.

    The Resources-Researchers pages are set up for the various countries that I am or will be researching and of course there is the general World page that will give information and links to all-purpose resources.  The individual countries will give material that I have gathered, researchers that I have had either success with or who I believed 'worked for me' and finally the links that I have and will gather that, in my opinion are sites you 'should visit'.

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     I suggest that you bookmark    as the sub pages may change from time to time.  Someday I may get this site to a point where I am completely satisfied; but, I doubt it. :-) - 1 Nov., 2000 - 2015 - July, 1999 - 2000

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