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EPISODE #49: Thursday, August 9th~ Leading with Love for an Inspiring Life!

Explore and understand clearly the different ways you sabotage your “self love” and block the good coming into your life – You will also understand what it means to “know and love yourself deeply” and to be in your power and share your gifts with the world. Janet Attwood will share easy and meaningful practices to be able to “know yourself deeply” through powerful accelerated learning techniques that will help you build your self esteem and self confidence daily to increase your unshakable self worth!

To get Janet’s free gift titled “I want for you what you want for you – Revelations on Love that will transform your relationships forever” e-book, click here.

Janet is the co-author of the New York Times Bestsellers, The Passion Test- The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Life Purpose, and Your Hidden Riches – Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create A Life of Meaning and Purpose.

As an expert on what it takes to live a passionate life, she has presented her programs as a featured speaker to hundreds of thousands of people around the world with The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Yehuda Berg, Lisa Nichols, Brendon Burchard and others. Janet is the founder for The Passion Test Certification Program, The PT For Business, The PT for Kids n Teens, and The Passion Test for Homeless. Janet has personally trained over 3000+ Passion Test Facilitators in over 64 countries.

For her ongoing work with the homeless and kids in lockdown, Janet received the highest award for service from the President of the United States, “The Presidents Volunteer Service Award.”

You can learn more about Janet by going to her website: www.thepassiontest.com

Upcoming Shows

EPISODE #50: Thursday, August 16th ~ Jason Freeman – The Courage To Do Our Imperfect Best

We all want to realize our potential. Unfortunately, we often hold ourselves back out of fear of not getting it right or appearing imperfect. If Jason had waited for perfection before he attempted public speaking, he would have missed one of the most rewarding parts of his life. When we convince ourselves that our dreams are unattainable, we often don’t attempt to realize them. However, when we give ourselves the freedom to do our best and pursue our dreams, imperfections and all, we give ourselves one of the greatest gifts we will ever know.

Jason Freeman is a professional speaker, author, and bravery coach who travels the country sharing his inspirational and transformative journey with captivated audiences . . . and he does it with a pronounced speech impediment.

From the dream affirming standing ovation following his TEDx talk in Sugarland, TX to his earliest moments in front of an attentive crowd, Jason has known to trust his seemingly contradictory calling to speak in front of live audiences.  He has shared the stage with well-known speakers in the transformational, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and business worlds and has charmed audiences at The California Teacher’s Summit, Kyle Cease’s Evolving Out Loud, The Habitude Warrior Conference, and San Diego State University, amongst others.

After Graduating from college, Jason went on to obtain a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry before realizing his biggest accomplishment: transcending the physical limitations of cerebral palsy within himself and embracing his voice as the gift it was intended to be.

In his book Awkwardly Awesome – Embracing My Imperfect Best, Jason takes you along on his journey of obstacles, frustrations and epiphanies leading to the powerful Imperfect Best Concept. Part memoir, part self-help guide, the narrative pauses on occasion, asking you, the reader, direct questions relevant to your own life as it introduces concepts intended to transform your journey.

To learn more about Jason and his work, visit his website here: JasonWFreeman.com

EPISODE #51: Thursday, August 23rd ~ Catherine Hayes – Everything is Going to be Okay

Dr. Catherine Hayes received a life changing message, “It’s time to change your life,” moments before waking up after a life changing accident.

Catherine revisits her painful past to discover the places where she had abandoned her heart―and, from those points of disconnection, reestablish a true link to her essential self.

As you walk beside her, you will gain tools to explore your own inner landscape and begin your own powerful transformation. Questions for reflection will empower you to delve into your own story and unravel the patterns that are keeping you from expressing your truest self.

Get Catherine’s free gift, Discover your Enneagram Type and Learn 6 Life-Changing Reasons Why it Matters. Would you like to free yourself of your habitual patterns? Would you like more peaceful relationships? What if you had a map that guided you to a deeper and compassionate understanding of your unconscious patterns? The Enneagram is a powerful tool for bringing more consciousness into our lives and our relationships. Claim your free gift and begin your journey of deep self-discovery. You’ll learn about each of the nine types and begin your personal journey with this powerful tool. Click here to grab your gift!

Catherine is a dual-Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Enneagram facilitator She is a certified Executive coach with the Leadership Circle ProfileTM and the Collective Leadership SurveyTM; an Authorized and Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher and International Enneagram Association (IEA) Certified Professional and Accredited Teacher; a speaker; and a highly regarded influencer in the leadership field.

She is passionate about bringing the true Enneagram into the world. With the backdrop of the Enneagram and leadership coaching, she partners with clients to create transformation that brings more cohesiveness and productivity to the workplace.

In Everything is Going to Be Okay! Hayes brings the ancient teachings of the Enneagram to life as she recounts her journey from the projects of South Boston to the faculty rooms of Harvard. A gifted story teller and teacher, she artfully illustrates how to apply the Enneagram to fully understand our true selves.

Catherine lives with her family just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

To learn more about Catherine and her work, visit her website here: https://catherinehayescoaching.com

Recent Shows

EPISODE #48: Overcoming Perfectionism and Creating Psychological Safety Inside Yourself

Thursday, August 2nd ~ Mel Burt-Gracik – Overcoming Perfectionism and Creating Psychological Safety Inside Yourself

All of us want to know that we are acceptable and worthy of love. Our need to be accepted is tied to our ancestor’s survival so our brains take rejection as a matter of life or death. This need to be a part of the tribe, to be acceptable, can get us into trouble though. If we try to earn our worth or strive to become acceptable it can put us on a never ending hamster wheel of working to achieve perfection. This was Mel Burt-Gracik’s life for many years and it left her in burnout and low self-regard. Slowly but surely she regained her sense of self and grew to embrace the belief that she was enough and full of worth exactly as she was. Learn about how perfectionism shows up, strategies for undoing perfectionism’s grip in your life, and simple steps for building a warm and loving relationship with yourself.

Get Mel’s Making Empowered Decisions Method worksheet by going to her website, www.flourishforyou.com and requesting it!

Mel has spent her 13 year career in Leadership Development and this is the vision she strives to create with every Flourish client. After a stint of burnout tied to her crippling perfectionism, Mel was living and working from the opposite of that description. Learning to accept and love herself exactly as she was took some time. Through the journey Mel learned that psychological safety at work has to start within each individual. This is where she begins with her clients, Flourish For You, LLC helps businesses increase their employee engagement by co-creating with them a work culture focused on the strengths of their greatest asset: their human capital. Mel helps teams work well together by focusing on their natural talents and the workplace needs that accompany them. Utilizing Gallup’s 12: The Elements of Great Managing, she helps supervisors learn and implement the skills top managers possess all of which honor the human needs we each possess when we bring our whole selves to work everyday. In addition to StrengthsFinder, Mel holds certifications in Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i & EQ360.

EPISODE #47: Connected Parenting – The Time to Connect and Heal is Now

Thursday, July 26th ~ Kristen Oliver – Connected Parenting – The Time to Connect and Heal is Now

A while back, Kristen Oliver had a startling realization that our children are waiting for us to clear our blocks and be free of the fear, guilt and anxiety that is filling our minds, bodies and homes. Parenting these sensitive kiddos can be tough. With the right tools, you can welcome grace, ease and harmony into your Self and your home. Rather than waking in the middle of the night afraid you are screwing up your kid, wake in the morning, refreshed and in a state of joy about yourself, your children and your life!

Drawing on her 19 years of professional experience and her 15-year inner journey, author, speaker and transformational coach Kristen Oliver, MOT, OTR/L combines concepts and practices based in neuroscience and spirituality to offer specific strategies to release negative patterns and limiting beliefs, enabling clients to permanently change their habits and create a life they love.

Kristen received her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Duquesne University. In addition to individual sessions, classes and retreats, she also offers online programs. She lives with her family in Charlotte, North Carolina.

To learn more about Kristen and her work, please visit her website: http://kristenoliver.com/


EPISODE #46: Aligning To Your Soul’s Purpose In The Akashic Records

Thursday, July 19th~ Jennifer Longmore – Aligning To Your Soul’s Purpose In The Akashic Records

Create Your Most Abundant, Purpose-filled Life Through The Akashic Records. Join guest, Jennifer Longmore for an empowering, enlightening, and elevating presentation to learn how accessing your Akashic Records can:

1. activate purpose, meaning, and clear direction for your soul’s journey;
2. provide crystal clarity regarding your unique themes for growth and how to ILLUMINATE your divine gifts and talents;
3. align you to your most joyous, harmonious, effortless, expansive, abundant path;
4. create optimum health and well-being on all levels of YOUR being (including your money story);

If you are truly ready to ascend to the next level of your soul’s journey and align to your purpose, you will not want to miss the miracle-rich opportunity with leading global Akashic Record Expert and teacher.

To grab Jennifer’s free gift, Soul Acceleration: Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose, please go here: http://www.souljourneys.ca/soul

Jennifer Longmore, Forensic Investigator turned North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, is the internationally acclaimed host of “Soul Purpose Central,” 3-time best-selling author, and has worked with thousands over the last 15 years. Some of her clients include the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries.

To learn more about Jennifer and her work, please visit her website: www.souljourneys.ca