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Published by MR. LANDLORD INC., BOX 64442, Virginia Beach, VA. 23467. Copyright 2015. We are glad to provide you these resources, each of which includes all of the newsletter articles from every issue of MR. LANDLORD over a designated period.

The newsletter articles included on this site offer dozens of Cash Flow Ideas per year. To make it easy for you to quickly get to any article of interest, look to the table of contents for the given year. Click the title of the article you wish to view. Each title is a link to the actual article.

I want to commend you on taking time to review the articles included in these issues. These articles contain a vast wealth of knowledge on all aspects of rental property ownership and management as well as a few select articles related to buying and selling rental property. If you read and utilize just one idea from these issues, the value of that one idea can be easily worth several times the value of your annual membership. These collector issues have literally scores of ideas. The articles are all on web pages.

If you are comparing the content of the site to the actual past newsletter issues, it should be noted that much of the middle two pages from each past issue has been edited from these collector issues on this site. Those edited pages contained either promotional materials about real estate books, services or other real estate resources that may or may not still be available. Refer to our website for current physical resource items that we make available, and of course continue browsing this site for new resources that we will be adding each quarter. In addition, rental forms found in the original newsletters may no longer be valid, contain out-dated information and therefore have also been edited from these collector issues. However, you will find some of our popular and updated rental forms are available on another section of this site. The updated versions of any and all of our rental forms and letters that are referred to in our newsletters may be found in our latest version of one of our bestselling resources, Rental Forms CD, which is offered at a special half-off member price. The Forms CD includes not only updated forms from past years of our newsletter, but numerous additional forms never presented in the newsletter.

DISCLAIMER: The newsletter articles on this site are presented to provide assistance to landlords, landladies, and rental property managers. they are made available with the understanding that landlord–tenant laws may vary from state to state and that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal or accounting services. Please consult with a competent professional if assistance is required. Thanks for letting us be a part of your real estate success team.

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