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In 1718, the first organized migration of Scots and Irish-born Presbyterian people left the north of Ireland on their way to a new life in the New
England colonies in north America.

Parts of their story are familiar, but much has been forgotten. This website sets out what is known of the history of the Scots and Irish of the 1718 migration, and also reminds us of the lives of those who were left behind in Ireland.

Sons and daughters and grandchildren of some of the people who arrived in New Hampshire moved on to other parts of America; some of those who were left behind in Ireland, as well as many thousands of people of later generations left Ireland to go elsewhere in the New World.

The internet and email may make it possible to pool together knowledge of distant ancestors, so that people from Ireland, America and elsewhere can link up to start to re-create connections between people and places that were sundered almost three hundred years ago.

The website has sections on genealogy, as well as links to further information on travel and on Ulster and Scots heritage.

This website has been created by the Ulster-Scots Agency in association with the Ulster Historical Foundation and the Centre for Migration Studies and the Institute of Ulster-Scots Studies.

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