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We are a family business and are well known for our professional service. With each family we encounter it is our intention to do the very best we can in all we do. It is important for families to feel as peaceful as possible during the Funeral process asthis is often an emotional and stressful time, where people may find it difficult to think. It is our intention to provide a peaceful environment for families to gather around where they are safe to share their family stories and to create together a service that honours the life once lived. Since 2009 it has been the long term and ongoing goal of ours to accomodate for the needs of the community through our experience, training, qualifications, and facilities which we have developed locally.

Some of our services include:

  • 24hr assist
  • Prompt Transfer of deceased into our care
  • Mortuary care; including mortuary transfers interstate
  • Staff suited to undertake religious and non-religious farewell services
  • Liasing with Councils, Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and other facilties
  • Placing of Funeral Notices
  • Obtaining all Medical Certificates
  • Local Cremations
  • Guidance if required, in selecting coffin,casket,urns and keepsakes, with eco friendly options available
  • Visual/Audio/Multimedia options;
    • Secure funeral webcasting
    • Powerpoint/Slideshow presentations
    • Photo restorations; resizing and editing
    • Creative orders of service and bookmarks
  • Flexible Funeral Service options;
    • a variety of non-denominational Chapels
    • liasing with Churches/Ministers for religious Services
    • Graveside Services
    • Direct and Private Services
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Riverview Funerals Maclean

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Riverview Funerals Yamba

62 Wooli St Yamba, NSW 2464
(02) 6646 9335

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