Aurora Specialty Chemistries is a primary producer of water soluble polymers. As a single source supplier, we serve all aspects of the water treatment industry. Our diverse product line positions our company as a leading source supplier to a variety of industries.

ASC is an ISO 9001:2002 Certified company. Our mission is to broaden our business horizons in the international business arena. We plan to accomplish this goal by expanding our product lines and develop a distribution network encompassing all industrialized continents. Incorporating international partners along with our own personnel provides the necessary resources to accomplish our mission.

Phone: (517) 372-9121

ASC Products Include:

Water Soluble Polymers (polyacrylamide emulsions, polyamines, polyamdes, DADMAC's, Mannich, dry polymers, used as coagulants, flocculants, dispersants and viscosity modifiers)
Wet Strength Resins
Dry Strength Resins
Sizing Resins
Tissue Release -lubricants-softeners
Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
Optical Brightening Agents

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Multiple Reactors (Stainless Steel and Glass)
High Temperature / High Pressure Capabilities
High Pressure and High Sheer Homogenization
Particle Size Distribution
Automated Chemical Batch Control for Safe Employee Handling
Manufactured to Specific Viscosity Specifications
Bulk, Tote, and Drum Inventory
Multiple Blending Tanks
Hazmat Trained Chemical Operators
U.S. EPA Registered Pesticide Manufacturer

Aurora Specialty Chemistries was founded in 1982. ASC brought an alternative to the specialty chemical industry. We offer all the advantages that the major companies in our industry have, plus an advantage to our customers that none of our competitors offer.

ASCs service and chemical programs are competitive with all companies in our industry. Some of the advantages we offer include; personalized service, quick response time, process changes, custom formulated products, in-depth service, flexibility to meet specific needs, and superior cost containment.

Aurora Specialty Chemistries
1520 Lake Lansing Road
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Phone: (517) 372-9121
Fax: (517) 372-1956


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