Betting Tips in Kenya

Best Jackpot Betting In Kenya

A Jackpot bet is one of the most fun bets and can win you the most amount, some players having won 220 Million KES.

There are many different jackpots in Kenya so it is good to have some advice on which one is best. We provide a clear table on which to bet with and how to get the best jackpot.

There are many betting companies in Kenya, you may have an account with one or two and find their sites good for betting and then you may find new betting sites in Kenya that offer a bonus or free bet.

It is important you choose the best betting site for you and the jackpot that you like. our tip is to to choose the site based on all the information on the best site.

How To Play

Cost to enter the jackpot is around 50 to 100 KES depending on the site, this is a very low amount considering most of them allow you to win more than one million KES.

You can play more than one site to have more chance of winning and some sites let you play more than once.

The Jackpot games are all football and the rule is that you have to pick 10-15 results correctly. You pick either team to win or the draw, it is easy to select the games you think will win and it is fun to see if the results are correct.

The competition is normally weekly where games go from Friday to Monday, some betting sites have more than one game and they can be daily or 2x week.

What is most important is to check when the deadline is, if the games are on Saturday you will need to enter the competition on Friday, don’t miss the deadline as you would not be happy if your predictions are correct but you did not enter.

Jackpot Total

The amount in the jackpot increases each week unless someone wins, most betting sites have a jackpot that starts at a minimum amount meaning that they already put in a big amount which can be as much as 5 Million KES.  

This is great because even if someone wins you still have a good amount to win the next week.

Company Bonus Review Visit
1 20% Review Visit
2 None Review Visit
3 100% Review Visit
4 None Review Visit
5 None Review Visit