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Converged Communication Solution

 Our ProductConverged Communication Solution

Converged Communications (VoIP, Data, Video, etc) over Satellite has been gaining widespread usage and popularity over the last few years because of its advantages in cost savings and in consolidation of voice, data and video networks. Communication satellite technology also has been evolving in response to take advantage of these Converged Communication advancements by getting into Broadband Internet services using VSATs.

However, Converged Communication Service like VoIP over satellite faces serious challenges due to issues related to, among other things, delays associated with satellite data transmission, echo and data latency. Of the array of products currently available, few have been successful in providing solutions that best meet the needs of Satellite data networks. Simply, ordinary VoIP over Satellite currently does not work as well as desired.

AstroComm introduces the needed performance solution based on our newly designed, developed, and patented* variable voice compression CODEC that allows for reliable HD-quality voice communication over high delay Satellite links. Using this technique AstroComm can offer an IP based converged communication platform ready to be deployed within Satellite networks.

In addition to being another option, we see our product having the prime advantage in our custom Voice codec, specifically designed and developed for Voice over Satellite communication. Additionally, we also integrated this custom codec in our Smartphone voice apps to provide mobile phone roaming solution using WiFi in Aviation communication environment. AstroComm is looking for opportunities to provide this product/service to Satellite Communications providers.