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SMART - System Monitoring and Remote Telemetry Return to Core Activities

Our SMART system provides web-based access to monitor record and trigger alarms from unmanned equipment installed in remote locations. We provide the hardware and the managed services using wireless communications technology to provide easy access to remote monitoring. Depending upon the location this can either be via GSM/GPRS or satellite networks.

Our secure web-servers allow you to monitor multiple sensors and to see the sensor locations displayed on a map with each sensors historic data. The SMART  system allows for data to be displayed as a time line, providing trend analysis for improved quality control and system observations. The user can define sensor tolerances that can trigger alarm messages via SMS or e-mail. GDS can provide the entire service, including system design, equipment integration, implementation, installation, training, servicing and maintenance.


  • Tide level
  • Weather stations
  • Pump  & valve control  monitoring
  • Electronic flow meter monitoring
  • Fluid or gas tank level
  • Water & Air Quality
  • Environmental condition monitoring
  • Vessel tracking with optional emergency and piracy attack alarm

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